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happy April 1! liked the C02 bandoleer for fatbikes from last year just as much.
krink   on Jul 2, 2018
replied to Test riding
Agree with rmap01.  If a LBS wont let you demo a bike before riding, I would take my business elsewhere.  Before I decided on a recent bike purchase, I took out 3...
Unlike some posters here, I didn't really see too much overt political commentary in the article. Having lived in North Carolina as a Yankee for 5 years, loving every day of it, there certainly are confederate flags aplenty and welcoming tolerance too. These are not always mutually exclusive. What I found more irritating is the…
krink   on Apr 18, 2018
replied to When did you start mountain biking?
I started riding in 1987 at 18 years old.  A 26" wheel Trek Antelope 820.  put over 1000 miles on that bike in the rocky hills of PA and WV.   Been going...
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krink   on Apr 18, 2018
replied to Suggestions around WV, VA or PA?
That really is a ton of territory.  Don't know most of the above but, agree with: Allegrippis trail system near Raystown Lake in PA - fast and flowy, go during dirtfest to demo...
krink   on Apr 1, 2018
commented on Watch: Introducing Cinch, an "Alexa" for Bikes
Too Obvious! April Fools!
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