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krink   on Jun 7, 2019
replied to Should I wear a helmet for biking?
As an orthopedic surgeon who has witnessed head injury on the trail, I can tell you that the state of science regarding traumatic injury and the value of helmets is overwhelming.  The...
krink   on Jun 7, 2019
replied to Pet Peeves of the Trail
- people with earbuds that walk down the center of the trail oblivious to others - a close second is people with bluetooth speakers and loud music on the trails.
happy April 1! liked the C02 bandoleer for fatbikes from last year just as much.
krink   on Jul 2, 2018
replied to Test riding
Agree with rmap01.  If a LBS wont let you demo a bike before riding, I would take my business elsewhere.  Before I decided on a recent bike purchase, I took out 3...
Unlike some posters here, I didn't really see too much overt political commentary in the article. Having lived in North Carolina as a Yankee for 5 years, loving every day of it, there certainly are confederate flags aplenty and welcoming tolerance too. These are not always mutually exclusive. What I found more irritating is the…
krink   on Apr 18, 2018
replied to When did you start mountain biking?
I started riding in 1987 at 18 years old.  A 26" wheel Trek Antelope 820.  put over 1000 miles on that bike in the rocky hills of PA and WV.   Been going...
krink   on Apr 18, 2018
replied to Suggestions around WV, VA or PA?
That really is a ton of territory.  Don't know most of the above but, agree with: Allegrippis trail system near Raystown Lake in PA - fast and flowy, go during dirtfest to demo...
krink   on Apr 1, 2018
commented on Watch: Introducing Cinch, an "Alexa" for Bikes
Too Obvious! April Fools!
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