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Biking for over 25 years Lee is an avid outdoorsman embarking on many adventures with his loving, and sometimes concerned wife, Sharon. Lee has been an advocate for bike trails for 20 years. He is occasionally found working in his day job as an intellectual property lawyer. As a resident of Whistler and Vancouver, British Columbia, Lee's playground extends mainly to Western Canada.
In reply to ahoffman; that's all very well. However note that in the Bitterroots USFS Region 1 is prohibiting mountainbikers from areas that are NOT wilderness. Mountain-bikers are being cut out from areas that are in the beginning processes of being studied for wilderness consideration (hence the Wilderness Study Area designation). That's the kick in…
Rajflboy In the Bitterroots wildlife encounters are with black bears mostly and for them keep the noise level high and keep alert (as always). Further east it's grizzlys which may be also encountered. For that be even more careful. It does not hurt to carry bear spray and bangers and know how to use them
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My experience in North America is limited to BC and to interactions with bike advocacy organizations throughout Western Canada and the US. My experience in Europe is limited to Switzerland (Graubuenden, Bern, and Valais) and Northern Italy (South Tyrol). Many of the advocates in NorAm I know say their concern is trail access. Ie if…
My comment "I am a visitor to the area from Canada. I enjoy Montana's superb biking trails and outdoors. I support Alternative C to allow biking on Montana trails. I suggest amendment by dropping the Elkhorns area from the DEIS proposal which would allow biking in the Elkhorns area not only by Helena Montana locals…
I see Mike Vandeman has posted. When reading what Mike Vandeman has to say keep in mind that Mike is a convicted felon. He assaulted people on trails with a weapon because they were on bikes.
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Bill. If the ebike use doesn't jeopardize trail access then sure... go for it. If it jeopardizes trail access then perhaps the ebike use should be reconsidered
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Agreed. To the extent ebikes (or something else) impairs trail access then nope
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