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Biking for over 25 years Lee is an avid outdoorsman embarking on many adventures with his loving, and sometimes concerned wife, Sharon. Lee has been an advocate for bike trails for 20 years. He is occasionally found working in his day job as an intellectual property lawyer. As a resident of Whistler and Vancouver, British Columbia, Lee's playground extends mainly to Western Canada.
Sam James. Not only would a shop not touch this for the reasons you mentioned it just wouldn't be cost-effective. The ROI would be valued in pennies on the hours spent. I do have a 12x142 beater 26" wheel with DT rim and Onyx hub if you need it?
Bryan K Sell - definitely not something for the fainthearted and totally acknowledge there's turnkey satisfaction to new bikes. Rebuilding dumpster bikes is just a different kind of satisfaction
Brad Beadles so far so good. 12 rides locally in the Sea to Sky. 8 rides in Moab/Hurricane area. - Cranks came loose but that was me not torquing hard enough. Torque till it strips then back off a 1/4 turn I say - Main pivot developed some play. Disassembled further. Jammed a split ring…
Justin White - "Why is the 11 speed stuff obsolete?" Duh - cos industry and Pinkbike comments say as much so it must be true
Chris Albert - they are MEC capris. Fixable with gorilla tape for budget purposes as an added bonus
Oldandrolling My previous 2 "dumpster" builds were Rocky Mountain Element put together from warrantied RM Slayer frame and parts then given to an OG ski touring guru Rocky Mountain Slayer rescued from neighbour with some forks rebuilt, new brakes, new handlebar and stem then given to a broke trailbuilder. This Remedy will be ridden then…
Zoso - that should have been "obsolete". I could have worked a bit cheaper and scavenged some "obsolete" 10 speed as I later found some free 10 speed XT derailleurs and 10 speed One Up component 42 tooth rings
vapidoscar - do it. It surely can't hurt to try
Lee Lau   4 days ago
That's really well written for a Brit Sam (joking). Nice job bringing back the Esher Shore reference
Cool retrospective of a young sub sport. Early winners prizes were a cow!
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I must say that Matt and Jeff et all have really stepped up the game in covering Economic Impacts of Mountain-biking tourism. I should look into updating the older 2014, 2016 articles and migrating them over to Singletracks. It seems that is where the most thoughtful articles are going
Brian "Do you think the perspective of onus differs much between Canada and the US? " Yes. There is a fairly big cultural difference in how litigation is perceived. Also true in Europe. Assumption of risk is the primary driver in the results of litigation relating to inherently-risky activities. Because Canadian courts give massive deference…
Lee Lau   on Jan 23, 2019
Zoso; true. But having read this again and again there was no way to keep it simple. The law just inherently isn't simple
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Matthew it truly felt like a privilege to ride that area. Kosmo what is sad is how entrenched the opposition is and what level they have subverted the bureaucratic process
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