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loudbeard   on May 17, 2018
replied to Pollen season is rough. Any tips?
I'm from the Sandhills in NC, home of the longleaf pine. My best advice: move to Arizona, cactus don't produce giant yellow clouds of pollen.
loudbeard   on May 16, 2018
answered a question about
loudbeard   on May 8, 2018
replied to Wear earbuds riding on the trail?
Most of you take yourselves waaaaay too seriously. It's almost like there's a competition for who can be the most caring, considerate mountain biker. Recognize that many people out in the woods...
loudbeard   on May 8, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
When you're breaking the law, don't break the law.
Two words: dirt bike Meaning shop dirt bike gear. Much higher level of protection. Yes, you pay a weight penalty, but you get to keep riding.
loudbeard   on Apr 20, 2018
replied to Looking for my first MTB
You, my large friend, need a steel bike. And Plus sized tires! Honestly, a great option at your price point is a Jamis Dragonslayer Sport. It was on my short list when...
loudbeard   on Mar 8, 2018
replied to Got a "home" trail?
My home trail is the one that is....at my home! I have about 5 miles of single and double track on my property. I discovered an old network of quad trails when...
loudbeard   on Mar 7, 2018
spec'd a bike: Salsa Timberjack
loudbeard   on Mar 7, 2018
added a photo of Salsa Timberjack
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