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I believe Utah legislators have passed a law that holds both public and private landowners harmless if they allow the public to use their land for "recreational" purposes (mtb, hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, etc.). It could be that once you start charging a fee and requiring a waiver the landowner forfeits that protection by acting…
BCmtb   on Apr 16, 2018
replied to Bike Racks
Dan, I ride a Trek Fuel EX and have a Kuat Sherpa rack.  If you are only carrying two bikes it may be the best option.  Most two bike tray racks are...
BCmtb   on Mar 7, 2018
replied to What makes a god MTB wheel?
Thank you all for the advice and input.  Based on my level and type of riding it sounds like my options are: Stan's Arch Stan's Flow WTB Frequency i29 Raceface Aeffect R...
BCmtb   on Mar 6, 2018
started a topic: What makes a good MTB wheel?
I was reading the "what confuses you about the MTB industry" thread and someone asked why all builds come with crappy wheels.  This makes me ask, what is a "good" wheel?  After...
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