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I say bring back the metallic paint. It makes the overall appearance much better.
You are going to cash a lot initially, assuming you push yourself starting out. That being said a less expensive bike may not be the best fit however, you won't feel so bad when it gets a scratched, dinged and bent from the learning experience. Then, once you understand a bikes 'fit' and your riding…
Oldandrolling   on Aug 3, 2019
replied to Are you riding "too much" tire?
My XC bike has 2.1 inch wide tires and my trail bike has 2.4 inch. I have found that anything wider for me feels to sluggish on acceleration. My top speeds are...
Oldandrolling   on Jul 24, 2019
replied to Roots: Impediment or Feature?
Roots and rock gardens are some of the best parts of the trail. No two are alike and always provide entertainment value
I voted for Interviews with everyday riders. You can't find may sites that offer POV assessments of trails, abilities and insights on what motivates the average rider across a wide range of riding experience.
Oldandrolling   on Jul 16, 2019
replied to How true are your wheels?
Slightly out of true. I do it myself with the zip tie method. I usually check my wheels twice a year and make any necessary adjustments
Oldandrolling   on Jul 10, 2019
replied to Bike superstitions
Not so sure if mine is superstition or fit for adventure testing but, the first thing I always do when mount my bike is a track stand and time the duration. If...
Oldandrolling   on Jul 3, 2019
replied to Old vs New ( Upgrading vs Buying)
I have learned and experienced over the years that my preference is to ultimately seek out the frame I really like, meets my riding expectations and fits me like a glove. This...
I generally agree with your findings. I currently ride a FS XC bike with 2.3 tires and can transition between road, gravel and hard pack trails with minimal loss of capabilities. I...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 26, 2019
replied to BIG BOX against Established Brand
In addition to the great advice you have already received, I would seek out an LBS or a big box store like REI and test drive the high end and low end...
Test drove one today. The front end is a bit heavy for me mostly due to the front forks and the bigger tires. Tight fast cornering was very good. The bike is a bit on the heavy side for getting air but, was a good comfortable fit for me. The end result is that it…
I am 5'-8" with a 30 inch inseam. When I am looking for a bike, I like about 2" of stand over height. Which for me, excludes the majority of 29ers. Even...
The birds, crickets and frogs. I hate it when my bike decides to squeak or chatter in the middle of my zone.
It order of importance: 1. A frame that fits 2. Good gripping tires and the proper wheels for the terrain 3. Smooth shifting high performance drive train 4. Good brakes 5. A good suspension fork 6. A good fitting saddle Everything else is fluff
Oldandrolling   on Jun 5, 2019
replied to Pet Peeves of the Trail
Bugs! At times I ride in the low lands of SC. I have to wear goggles, a bandanna over my mouth and still get popped in my arms face and legs from...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 4, 2019
replied to dropper post user fee
I have  an older version 3 position spring assist dropper post that I have had for over two years and have put an additional $10 into it for new collar and bushing...
Now that is impressive carrying the goat head for everyone to admire. It must feel very proud.
Oldandrolling   on May 28, 2019
replied to 1x11 or 2x10 preference
Follow up to my previous post. I have converted to a 1x10 (11-36t cassette) for the summer with a 36t chainring. So far, I like the set up but, it is dry...
Oldandrolling   on May 22, 2019
replied to New phenomenon when getting air
Thanks, Jeff. It is when I land. Upon inspection, my chain guide is looking worn. That is certain a better first choice than a new chainring.
Oldandrolling   on May 22, 2019
started a topic: New phenomenon when getting air
Well, I thought I have experienced most every malfunction possible on a bike but, a new one has occurred that I need some advice on. Recently, my chain has begun to jump...
The desire to challenge myself or try something new is almost addictive for me. I typically cash 2 to 3 times a month and after decades of riding have only had one emergency room visit crash. I have tried many recreational hobbies and mountain biking is the fulfilling, including the crashes!
Oldandrolling   on May 12, 2019
replied to Adjusting handlebar controls.
On my set up, I have the brake mounted on the inside of the shifters. My index fingers sits on the curved end of the brake handle and my thumb is in...
It is about time mountain bike riding is being use as mental health therapy. It has certainly helped me over the years. It is the best way I know to clear your mind, calm you down and generally make you feel better.
I am '5-8" and a 29er makes me feel less agile and off balance around high speed corners.
Oldandrolling   on May 9, 2019
replied to 1x11 or 2x10 preference
I run on a 2x10. I spend most of my riding on the outer ring but, when I get to deep rough terrain, I am sure glad I have the inner ring....
Oldandrolling   on Apr 22, 2019
replied to 1x10
I did a Shimano 8 to 10 speed upgrade about 2 years ago and it works great. If you shop around a bit, you should find a new or slightly used 10...
Oldandrolling   on Apr 20, 2019
replied to cheap fun
Totally agree. My advice, for what it is worth, don't over buy. I expect you will find that your bike, no matter what you pay,  is more capable than you are. You...
This is really the lowest a person can get. Why would anyone want to hurt someone let alone a random person they don't even know? People are going out of their way to hurt others and it is despicable. So what now, we need a security force on the trails? I am sad, mad and…
Oldandrolling   on Apr 12, 2019
replied to Riding on horse trails
Horse owners typically pay extra fees or organize and volunteer in large groups to maintain horse trails to predetermined specifications. Plus horses can spook and cause a lot of damage. I believe...
Good article. I have also found that when there are fewer people on a trail or I only go with one or two other people, my focus, and therefore my ride, is much better. Physical and mental distractions are definitely bad for my trail performance. Also, I try really hard not to over think my…
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