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Oldandrolling   1 week ago
replied to Newbe middle aged man
I am 60.  Been riding since I was in my mid 30's. I still love it and ride at least 20 miles of trails a week. You are never too old to...
Oldandrolling   2 weeks ago
started a topic: troubleshooting
I have a question for the experts. I have a skewer hub on my front and I have some minor scratches and indentations on the left side of my fork where the...
I always push myself when I ride. Either on my skills, endurance or speed. It what keeps my rides highly entertaining. I do take some small segments of my rides as a...
Roanoke is an awesome city for outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing and they have some great restaurants and beers!
Oldandrolling   on Aug 24, 2018
replied to What's your favorite MTB beer?
Cider or my home brew
Oldandrolling   on Aug 11, 2018
started a topic: Best XC fork of all time
I have had a well taken care of Manitou Nixon Super 145 from 2006 on my bikes for a long time. I know it is ancient but, so am I. I have...
Oldandrolling   on Jul 10, 2018
replied to Questions About Mountain Biking
Just so you have a bit of a different perspective. I have found that mountain bikers have a spirit of adventure and love to travel and see new sights. I used to...
Oldandrolling   on Jul 9, 2018
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
I prefer the sounds of nature and the wind in my ears.
Oldandrolling   on Jul 5, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
Ride in your bike, not on your bike
Oldandrolling   on Jul 4, 2018
replied to Advice for rock gardens
If you like to do long rock gardens, I would just like to highlight Jeff's statement "This is actually one of the most difficult technical challenges you’ll face." All the advice is...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 30, 2018
replied to Entry Level Bike Opinion
I would look a a bike with a better fork before I would worry about the brakes. Not sure where you are planning to ride but, constantly bottoming out on spongy 80mm...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 29, 2018
added a review of Kind Shock RL588

Light weight, dual air, rebound adjustment and lockout
Oldandrolling   on Jun 29, 2018
added RL588
Dual air shock with rebound adjustment and lock out
Oldandrolling   on Jun 29, 2018
started a topic: Test riding
I have been to several bike shops in the Charlotte NC area and I am experiencing a lot of resistance when I ask to test ride a bike.  I am well informed,...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 23, 2018
replied to Back to WTB
I am a big fan of WTB tires. They have never let me down.
Oldandrolling   on Jun 14, 2018
started a topic: 27.5 or 29 fit issues: Standover height
I current run a 26er FS that I have had for 6 years. I am trying to decide if a 27.5 or 29 works for me. I am 5'8 with a 31"...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 12, 2018
replied to (SOS) Save our Shins
I earned my shin scars early on and I still ride with platforms. Shin guards will 100% stop the pedal bites. Also, look into some quality MTB shoes like 5.10 with sticky...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 9, 2018
replied to Department Store Bike
You can get a reasonably good starter hard tail for around $500 if you shop around. From what I can tell, a department store bike will cost about $200. The extra dollars...
Oldandrolling   on May 30, 2018
started a topic: Is the old fart in shape?
I am in the middle of a debate with my wife as to whether or not I am 'in shape' and need some input. I do not have contact with other riders...
Oldandrolling   on May 29, 2018
replied to Full Suspension Question
I run 20% sag on a 165 mm travel. My rear wheel has a 3.5 inch travel. I do up to 24" jumps and drops. I do bottom out some of the...
Oldandrolling   on May 26, 2018
replied to Helmets ??
I wear a helmet some of the time, depends on the trail risk. I have fallen many time on my bike and have yet to hit my head. On the other hand,...
Oldandrolling   on May 21, 2018
replied to Already hot in the South!
Ah yes. Nothing adds to the excitement of a trail ride more than getting drops of sweat in yours eyes as to are coming up to jump or technical challenge.
Oldandrolling   on May 19, 2018
replied to Got a "home" trail?
Yep..it is my home. I have constructed a trail/technical course on 5 acres of my property. The good thing is, I can modify it to suit my skills and interests. The bad...
Oldandrolling   on May 15, 2018
replied to Your best crash story
I was out on a logging road with my 8 year old son showing him some basic riding skills on descending hills. I was coming down about 15% grade at a reasonable...
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Oldandrolling   on May 15, 2018
replied to Pollen season is rough. Any tips?
I too live in the SE with spring pollen allergies especially in May. I try not to use any medications since they all make me drowsy. I can suggest somethings that work...
Oldandrolling   on May 15, 2018
started a topic: Average speed for XC
For all you XC hard cores... What would be considered a good average speed on a 5 mile intermediate single track run on a relatively flat course?
Oldandrolling   on May 15, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
Lean your bike don't turn your wheel
Oldandrolling   on May 15, 2018
started a topic: Power to height or weight ratios
I am looking for some calculations to optimize my overall efficiency. Does anyone have any ratios on height or weight to power output that I can use to determine optimal performance for...
Oldandrolling   on May 13, 2018
replied to Cheap Full Suspension Bikes?
Go for the Fuji. My first FS was $500 that I purchased in 2008. I got me into XC and was well worth it. Plus, you could add some small upgrades like...
Oldandrolling   on May 11, 2018
replied to When did you start mountain biking?
I did road cycling until I was 45 then switched to XC. Did not really get a lot of trail time until 50. Now, I am 60 and ride most days on...
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Oldandrolling   on May 11, 2018
replied to 26" or 29" and 1x11 or 2x10?
I ride slightly hilly terrains and like fast tight corners and twisting trails. Being nimble is more important to me than speed. I am 5'-8" and ride a 26" 2x10. I can...
Oldandrolling   on Apr 15, 2018
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