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I do not wear a tracker. I do take one on most of my rides to monitor my pace and distance. I would never wear a fitness tracker or any other type of tracker 24/7. Especially one that tells me I am not doing the right things. The last thing I need is is an…
For me, it is a combination of cold and wet weather. I can handle down to 40F on a dry day. When it's raining, I call it quits at 50F. As much as I enjoy biking, the discomfort of the cooler and wet conditions overtake the fun.
I am fortunate to live in a rural area with loads of pine forests, narrow gravel access roads, logging trails, utility trails and the occasional swamp land. November through February has only muddy terrain to offer locally. Plus, no mosquitoes or ticks! I typically go off the beaten path during the wet months and do…
The components are typically very low quality. I am sure this is an attempt to keep costs low. This combined with an already relative high price tag and the fact that the bike will be out grown in a couple of years makes investing in kid's bikes kind of painful. Like other comments I have…
and... it beats the heck out of baseball, basketball, football, fishing, golf, tennis and swimming. Which are all more popular in my local area.
Providing high value entertainment and keeping me fit.
Just another new feature to deal with. As long as they are trying to protect the integrity of the trail in is fine by me. If the result makes the trail less challenging, I go find a new one.
I also agree. I used to x-country ski a lot in my younger days up north. Weight shifting, speed control, cornering and momentum building are all comparable between these sports
Oldandrolling   2 weeks ago
replied to Gloves without annoying seams
I have heard others also complain about Fox finger stitching. I have never owned a pair of Fox gloves for this reason. There are many good gloves out there for between $10...
Thanks both videos have good tips. At least I have been doing somethings properly.
Just curious if anyone knows of an instructional video or article on how to ride wet, slippery  and  curvy trails? Going slow is the obvious answer however, I am more interested in...
Your opening statement should be on all riders wall. After many years of riding I still find at times my body positions need constant monitoring as I roll through a challenging trail.
I typically do not ride below 40F. When it gets cold, I wear minimalist gloves, and snug fitting thermal shirt a good fitting long sleeve wind/rain proof pullover. I always ride in...
Oldandrolling   on Nov 6, 2019
started a topic: Dealing with new drops
Need some opinions here. Over my years biking, I have executed many a drop off in varying terrain and conditions up to approximately four feet. The vast majority of the time I...
Oldandrolling   on Oct 30, 2019
replied to Your MTB plan?
Thanks for all the input. I must confess, I have a passion for jumps and high speed cornering in all types of conditions. However, I am getting older and have to challenge...
I took an entry level FS frame and built a gravel/mud/XC bike with 2.1 aggressive tires, single chainring/10 speed drive train, hydraulic disk brakes, firm front and rear long range suspension and,...
Oldandrolling   on Oct 25, 2019
started a topic: Your MTB plan?
Here is an open question. What is your long range MTB plan? So, you have been riding for a few years more or less, have ridden regional/national trails, been in some competitions, supported...
Oldandrolling   on Oct 23, 2019
replied to winter trail riding
I live in the southeast and we really don't have winter, I grew up in the upper mid-west. I ride year round except when it is raining and below 40F. My winter...
Oldandrolling   on Oct 17, 2019
replied to What Riders Want From Their Gloves
Questions: #1: If you could add anything to your gloves, what would that be? An index finger tip that actually works on a touch screen #2: What do you dislike about your current gloves? Too much...
Nice work! I have built my last two bikes from parts. I would not have a bike any other way.
Oldandrolling   on Oct 15, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Bikes at big box stores! I happened to go to a well know sporting goods national chain today and was applauded by the inferior quality of mountain bikes they had for under...
The berries are awesome. Very versatile. However, The vine stalks SUCK!! They will easily rip your skin to shreds if you encounter them on a bike or even walking. Sometimes the thorns detach and get embedded in your body for a more painful event. I have gotten very good over the years of riding to…
Good article and timing. My 5.10's are getting close to the end of their life and I just started searching for replacements. Also, thanks David for your input. 5.10's have been my high bar for years. I will definitely look into the Clans.
I agree. If you have good grips, you don't need gloves other than for crash protection.
Oldandrolling   on Sep 11, 2019
replied to Dropper post on All Mountain bikes?
Thanks for the input. I have a dropper on my XC which I use a lot between features, assents and fall trails. On my all mountain bike, my fixed seat height is...
Oldandrolling   on Sep 10, 2019
started a topic: Dropper post on All Mountain bikes?
Quick survey question. Who rides with a dropper post on an all mountain bike?
Oldandrolling   on Sep 3, 2019
replied to New member
If and ebike gets you out enjoying life and making you feel like a kid again, then by all means keep riding it! I think you will find most mountain bikers don't...
Oldandrolling   on Aug 31, 2019
replied to Mountain bike upgrades
Your question has many possibilities. You have a reasonably good XC bike for your skill level. My suggestion would be to ride is a few hundred miles and start to decide what...
Oldandrolling   on Aug 29, 2019
replied to Riding in the cool rains of fall
Good article. I am going to look into the Ion Shelter jacket
Oldandrolling   on Aug 27, 2019
started a topic: Riding in the cool rains of fall
I need some recommendations from the contributors. I am looking the most preferred upper body rain wear when riding in 40 to 60 degree temperatures. It needs to be lightweight, somewhat breathable...
My LBS does not stock good quality trail or DH bikes. All my recent bike purchases have been online or local in person exchanges.
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