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I never purchased any carbon parts from overseas and surely will not now. I have purchased Shimano branded parts from AliExpress with steep discounts and never had any issues with them other...
I am in! I will search their products first. If they are reasonably competitive, they will have a new customer.
Oldandrolling   5 days ago
replied to Heel pain after a long ride
Thanks. I was on the right track with the stretches, just not doing them long enough. I did an easy and relatively short ride today (under and hour) without any after ride pain....
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I like the simplicity and community orientation of this site. You really do not try and 'sell' anything have comparable reviews of products.  It is easy to navigate from a handheld device. The...
Oldandrolling   6 days ago
started a topic: Heel pain after a long ride
I experiencing something I have not had before. During my rides everything is great. When I stop riding my heels are sore with symptoms similar to plantar fasciitis. I do a few foot...
Withdrawal is not easy to cope with, including for your significant other. I know I am getting into withdrawal when my wife interrupts me standing quietly and  staring out the window for...
We all have days on the trail when we are not in rhythm and are barely able to get the bike where you want it to go. What do you do when...
Thanks for the article. I am scouting around for a hardtail and this was very helpful in narrowing my search.
Here we are in January in upstate South Carolina. Looking for an adventure. Anyone out there have any suggestions for a highly entertaining Blue level winter trail within 100 miles of Charlotte...
Here are mine. What do you do to prepare in the last hour before a competition both mentally and physically? When you are riding and don't feel 'dialed in' on any given day what...
I am shooting for 1000 trail miles and improve my manual and wheelie duration to 50 feet.
Here is a small but, a noticeable upgrade, if your you have not been fit for a proper seat width. I used to ride on a 143 mm wide seat mostly because is felt more comfortable. However, My proper width seat is 130 mm based upon my bone measurement from my local shop. I switch…
One comment on front suspension. I upgraded from 120 mm travel to a 145 mm travel which made my bike a more comfortable ride for me. I have experienced no downsides to to this change.
I am curious about something and would like some input. I read recently that only about 50% of trail riders use a dropper post. I switched to a dropper post about two...
Pisgah for me and on hiking and horse trails along the Blue Ridge parkway up around Asheville.
Oldandrolling   on Dec 22, 2018
added a review of Wake 45mm stem 31.8

Light weight, good color choices, good construction and anodizing.
Oldandrolling   on Dec 22, 2018
added Wake 45mm stem 31.8
Light, well made and good for XC riding.
Oldandrolling   on Dec 21, 2018
started a topic: Playing in the mud?
This time of year the terrain gets very soggy where I live. Established trails are off limits due to the damage that can be caused by water and riders. Instead of known...
Oldandrolling   on Dec 20, 2018
added Boodun Cycling Gloves
Half finger, warm weather gloves with gel padding. The padding is not real thick and the grid is excellent. There...
I don't have any real significant story. However, I have used mountain biking for years as a way to temporarily escape from the demands and pressures of the world. When I am...
Oldandrolling   on Dec 18, 2018
replied to A Survey about Bike Brands
Survey has bugs. Could not complete it either.
Oldandrolling   on Dec 13, 2018
replied to Replacement for WTB WeirWolf
I live in upstate SC and have a riding environment similar to yours. I totally trust the WTB Velociraptors for this kind of terrain. They are not real good for street riding...
Oldandrolling   on Dec 10, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
Took my chances on some minimalist half fingered gloves for $10 on ebay. I am not expecting much. Just testing the perspiration absorption properties. Any suggestions on minimalist gloves that are designed...
Oldandrolling   on Dec 10, 2018
started a topic: FS bike weight - today's standards
Checking to see where my bike fits into the general population of new bikes regarding weight. I have a 26" FS 6061 frame with single air front suspension, aluminum stem and bars,...
Oldandrolling   on Dec 8, 2018
replied to Beginner bike?
Check out Pinkbike or Craigs List. You may find a very good used bike that fits for your budget.
Good piece. I have several ramps that I have built and use them often. Oh yea, I am 61
Oldandrolling   on Dec 2, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
What gloves do you have?
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Oldandrolling   on Dec 2, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
OK, so gloves it is! I have some decent cycling half fingered gloves I use in the winter months. I just always assumed they would be too uncomfortable in the summer. Thanks...
Oldandrolling   on Dec 1, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
No. I do not typically wear gloves in the summer. I have been trying to find another way but, That may be the easiest solution.  
Oldandrolling   on Nov 30, 2018
started a topic: Grips and sweat
I live in the southeast and in the summer heat a lot of perspiration occurs and flows down my hands onto my bar into and under my lock on ODI grips. I...
Oldandrolling   on Nov 29, 2018
replied to Bike vault
If I am not riding my bike, it is in a secure building. I never had much of a theft problem but, I do know that bikes last much longer when stored...
Oldandrolling   on Nov 25, 2018
started a topic: Wake Stems
Has anyone used a Wake stem? The are made in Malaysia as I understand it.  The photos of them look pretty good but, they are inexpensive so, I am assuming you get...
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