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I put a Brand X Ascend on my fat bike, not needing or wanting to spend many hundreds. Works fine in sub freezing temps, assuming it is fine in summer temps. I see no reason why these others are so expensive except maybe distributor and retailer markup. The Brand X is sold direct.
If the video was the reason then I agree with the decision. Buffalo Creek is still "buff" singletrack. It will still eventually be destroyed in places by bad riders who ride too fast and skid through corners and rip up the trail. Skidding is poor form. All of the formerly good trails on the front…
The only thing the 2 have on common is that they are too heavy. I think I'm going to sue Canyon for their Dude fat bike because my friends have been calling me dude for decades.
Fills my heart with happiness. Look, 70% of citizens want some gun control. Anything, not nothing like today. Politicians continue to do nothing. Thus, one remaining lever we have is to put our money where our mouth is not being heard. I'm done with these brands. I feel for camelbak employees as just pawns in…
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