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I am originally from New Hampshire, Spent 2 years in South Korea, 5 years in Missouri and will be heading to Italy for the next few years.

My Bikes

bgarneau   on Feb 12, 2018
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
Probably a Mongoose for Walmart. But lets go with my first worthy MTB Specialized Fuse. Very pleased with hardtail fat tire set up. love that you can lockout the fork while cruising...
bgarneau   on Feb 12, 2018
added a review of Opossum Hollow

This is a great beginner trail with short portions that allow more advance riders to push harder for a bit...

This is a truly fun trail for families or cruising. I would not recommend hot-dogging on this trail because it...
bgarneau   on Feb 12, 2018
added Pro Velo
Pro Velo
bgarneau   on Feb 12, 2018
spec'd a bike: Specialized Fuse
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