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Brian Gerow did a budget guide earlier this month: 10 Affordable Mountain Bikes Priced Under $1000 That Are Worth a Look Having bought a bike that is slightly better than the ones that...
took my bike for a walk in two Medina county parks (Huffman and Austin Badger). Snow too deep and rutted. I did notice I could make progress if I was...
vapidoscar   on Jan 19, 2019
replied to First ride photos of the new year
First ride of year Bedford Reservation near Cleveland OH.
I am very disappointed to hear that trash is piling up at federal lands. If you can bring something in with you, you can bring it out. This should be the general rule, always. It's not the government's job to clean up after you. If you believe it is, stay off the land until the…
Define a few minutes away? How close are your local trails?
Mohican is on me and my riding partner's list. I would join in if someone organizes a Singletracks group ride. I will have to train though to do the full 25. Singletracks IMBA...
Did the push up on a yard stick test and came out right at 740mm. I could see going to 760mm and cutting down if needed but can't see 800-840mm as other measurements have suggested. Partly because I ride tight trails but push up position-wise would feel very odd.
vapidoscar   on Dec 31, 2018
replied to Manitou Marvel Comp 120
My understanding is Marvel is adjustable in 20mm increments. 80 - 100 - 120. Certainly seems like if you got the right size spacer you could go 110.
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Hoping to go to the world cup in Snowshoe WV, assume I will be able to get some riding in there or on the way. Definitely going to ride all the trails at...
Thanks Matt. I was more thinking about a rule of thumb for measuring the distance between the chain stays and seat stays plus room for mud? Would like to apply it to multiple bikes when I need to replace tires (kids, wife, etc.).
It is an entry level 29er with qr135. Just got new wheels, mangled both of the originals. New wheels are 27mm. But haven't seen how centered in dropout they sit. The old one had 2.1s. Front derailleur was biggest issue but that is coming off.
Any tip for determining if wider tires will fit in frame? Rear specifically. Would like to go 2.4" but concerned 2.25" might be more appropriate. Will save me $25-$50 if I can figure out ahead.
That last bullet point was my problem. I actually broke a chain on a really steep paved hill. I believe the chain break cracked my chain stay and bent the frame. ASE didn't want to warrantee my frame because they claim that kind of damage can only happen in a car wreck. Trying to figure…
vapidoscar   on Dec 3, 2018
commented on Listen: Mountain Bike Skills with Phil
Phil podium:
vapidoscar   on Nov 28, 2018
replied to Bike vault
It is amazing to me what people will steal. I was keeping my bikes unsecured in a shared garage 2 years ago. 1) a mid-90s Rockhopper with "no" brakes, broken seat rail and...
vapidoscar   on Nov 15, 2018
replied to New bike
Aside from testing bikes at demos or renting, I would go with a 27.5 plus hardtail. Salsa Timberjack, Diamondback Mason and Vitus Sentier+ come to mind.
vapidoscar   on Nov 12, 2018
replied to Torque
Definitely an area where I could improve greatly. But I have to admit, I was hoping you were going to be talking about the Canyon Torque. That bike looks incredible (and overkill for Ohio) and...
vapidoscar   on Nov 12, 2018
started a topic: Anyone using dynamo powered lights?
I need new wheels. I stumbled upon a cheap set with a dynamo front hub. Though it would likely relegate the bike to a commuter, I am still considering these. At this...
vapidoscar   on Nov 9, 2018
replied to Share mountain bike deals here
on one and probably planet x have good deal on 140mm recons both qr and 15mm thru (by the looks of it)
I thought belt drives generally don't work with full suspension. I would really not expect it to work here because the chain stays (essentially) shrink and grown depending on pedal pressure. I have not seen a bet drive with a tensioner.
vapidoscar   on Nov 5, 2018
replied to New to MTB lifestyle
First off welcome. From personal experience, if you end up using single track to work; make sure you have a shower you can use when you get to work. You are going to...
vapidoscar   on Oct 30, 2018
replied to Gearbox transmission suggestions?
I believe the Pinion and the Rohloff both use two shift wires. I am guessing that, unlike derailleurs there is no default position and a spring pulling back to that position. So...
vapidoscar   on Oct 30, 2018
replied to Gearbox transmission suggestions?
The Titanium Nordest "Enduro" hardtail looks very interesting. Most internal/gearbox require using a grip shifter though. That may take a while to get used to. When riding hard I could imagine accidentally...
vapidoscar   on Oct 27, 2018
replied to Rampage '18
The top 3 runs were all excellent. Nell's was filmed the best. I really thought Fairclough's run was severely underscored. I don't blame him for skipping the second run.
vapidoscar   on Oct 17, 2018
replied to Encounters with wildlife
Resurrecting old thread. Ran into a really beautiful well feed coyote today. Watch your dogs and cats in Cleveland Heights/Shaker Heights area. Horrible picture below. Looks like an emu. But I swear its...
vapidoscar   on Oct 17, 2018
added a photo
Trail Coyote
vapidoscar   on Oct 12, 2018
replied to Sanity check
I ended up riding my single speed MTB to work. It is not as bad as I thought. I just put more pressure in the wheels. I clocked myself at 30 on...
Notice the drops and jumps he does with no suspension. Makes me wonder why we think we need 160mm 29ers. That being said, the Canyon Torque looks pretty awesome too.
I happen to live by some trails and I can incorporate them into my ride to work but I don't. The biggest reasons are: 1) I have my computer with me. I can't risk breaking it. 2) Riding with a backpack full of cloths, computer, bike lock and lunch raises my center of gravity significantly.…
Nice. I love how his friend laughs when he crashes at the beginning.
vapidoscar   on Oct 5, 2018
started a topic: Ray's Preview Night
Just got back from preview night from Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park. Thanks to the event that was limited to CAMBA members, I finally stopped procrastinating and joined up. Thanks to CAMBA and...
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