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Phil podium:
vapidoscar   1 week ago
replied to Bike vault
It is amazing to me what people will steal. I was keeping my bikes unsecured in a shared garage 2 years ago. 1) a mid-90s Rockhopper with "no" brakes, broken seat rail and...
vapidoscar   3 weeks ago
replied to New bike
Aside from testing bikes at demos or renting, I would go with a 27.5 plus hardtail. Salsa Timberjack, Diamondback Mason and Vitus Sentier+ come to mind.
vapidoscar   on Nov 12, 2018
replied to Torque
Definitely an area where I could improve greatly. But I have to admit, I was hoping you were going to be talking about the Canyon Torque. That bike looks incredible (and overkill for Ohio) and...
vapidoscar   on Nov 12, 2018
started a topic: Anyone using dynamo powered lights?
I need new wheels. I stumbled upon a cheap set with a dynamo front hub. Though it would likely relegate the bike to a commuter, I am still considering these. At this...
vapidoscar   on Nov 9, 2018
replied to Share mountain bike deals here
on one and probably planet x have good deal on 140mm recons both qr and 15mm thru (by the looks of it)
I thought belt drives generally don't work with full suspension. I would really not expect it to work here because the chain stays (essentially) shrink and grown depending on pedal pressure. I have not seen a bet drive with a tensioner.
vapidoscar   on Nov 5, 2018
replied to New to MTB lifestyle
First off welcome. From personal experience, if you end up using single track to work; make sure you have a shower you can use when you get to work. You are going to...
vapidoscar   on Oct 30, 2018
replied to Gearbox transmission suggestions?
I believe the Pinion and the Rohloff both use two shift wires. I am guessing that, unlike derailleurs there is no default position and a spring pulling back to that position. So...
vapidoscar   on Oct 30, 2018
replied to Gearbox transmission suggestions?
The Titanium Nordest "Enduro" hardtail looks very interesting. Most internal/gearbox require using a grip shifter though. That may take a while to get used to. When riding hard I could imagine accidentally...
vapidoscar   on Oct 27, 2018
replied to Rampage '18
The top 3 runs were all excellent. Nell's was filmed the best. I really thought Fairclough's run was severely underscored. I don't blame him for skipping the second run.
vapidoscar   on Oct 17, 2018
replied to Encounters with wildlife
Resurrecting old thread. Ran into a really beautiful well feed coyote today. Watch your dogs and cats in Cleveland Heights/Shaker Heights area. Horrible picture below. Looks like an emu. But I swear its...
vapidoscar   on Oct 17, 2018
added a photo
Trail Coyote
vapidoscar   on Oct 12, 2018
replied to Sanity check
I ended up riding my single speed MTB to work. It is not as bad as I thought. I just put more pressure in the wheels. I clocked myself at 30 on...
Notice the drops and jumps he does with no suspension. Makes me wonder why we think we need 160mm 29ers. That being said, the Canyon Torque looks pretty awesome too.
I happen to live by some trails and I can incorporate them into my ride to work but I don't. The biggest reasons are: 1) I have my computer with me. I can't risk breaking it. 2) Riding with a backpack full of cloths, computer, bike lock and lunch raises my center of gravity significantly.…
Nice. I love how his friend laughs when he crashes at the beginning.
vapidoscar   on Oct 5, 2018
started a topic: Ray's Preview Night
Just got back from preview night from Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park. Thanks to the event that was limited to CAMBA members, I finally stopped procrastinating and joined up. Thanks to CAMBA and...
vapidoscar   on Oct 5, 2018
replied to I need another bike.
Just one?
"If you ride a bike or take a bus in the US, you are poor." - Oh my gosh, is that what people think of me? Nooo! Don't forget drunks who lost their license.
vapidoscar   on Sep 25, 2018
started a topic: Cheap or Novel or not worth the hassle
<span style="color: #333333; font-family: 'Georgia',serif;">I'm kind of a "ride what you got" guy and use my mountain bike to get to work when it works out. But this is the state of...
vapidoscar   on Sep 25, 2018
started a topic: Sanity check
I'm kind of a "ride what you got" guy and use my mountain bike to get to work when it works out. But this is the state of repair that it is...
vapidoscar   on Sep 25, 2018
added 2 photos.
Ridden hard
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vapidoscar   on Sep 24, 2018
replied to Tool Bottle
I do use a water bottle but carry as much as I can on my bike and nothing on my person. Used to use a back pack but even in the winter...
Good stuff. I still haven't found a store that is worth going back to. I usually go to buy something cheap and check out the store (service, bikes, etc.). Needed to buy a tube and went to the store by the school I teach at. I teach Tuesday and Thursday so of course they are…
Awesome update. Over the winter I plan to upgrade my hardtail as well. Good to see that it pays off.
vapidoscar   on Sep 14, 2018
replied to No more REI or Dicks for me.
Wait. Saying politics is all lies is "way down the rabbit hole" but saying people who just don't care are the problem is...? Edit: If I came off as uncivilized, I apologize. I do...
vapidoscar   on Sep 14, 2018
replied to What to do? Bike ideas.
This post is a bit of musing about what is an entry level mountain bike. I am the owner of the bike from the original post and am shocked with the amount...
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vapidoscar   on Sep 14, 2018
replied to No more REI or Dicks for me.
Here is an idea. No one talk about politics. Politics is a matter of believing one set of lies over the other. Any time spent discussing politics is wasted time that could...
vapidoscar   on Sep 13, 2018
added a photo
Low speed taco
vapidoscar   on Sep 12, 2018
replied to What used mountain bike should i get?
I looked at SevenSprings website. Park is only open on weekends now and two days of instruction, lift tickets and all equipment rental is $132. That is what I would do. I...
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