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Rob Juric   on Sep 7, 2019
started a topic: BikeRepublic Solden, Austria
Hey guys! I just realized I never posted these videos here. Not sure if you guys care or not but this is BikeRepublic Solden in Austria. This place was insane since it...
Rob Juric   on Sep 7, 2019
replied to New Rider
Just my two cents. I strongly agree with Plusbike. However, I would recommend the Trek Roscoe 8. 1x12 NX with the 2.8 wheels. It is a monster of a bike. I have...
Rob Juric   on Jul 9, 2019
replied to Sram NX Eagle spare parts
Yeah, I don't know what to do. There's no way to contact SRAM directly so...
Rob Juric   on Jul 9, 2019
replied to Sram NX Eagle spare parts
Anndddd, I just figured out how to directly call them and their warranty and parts department said that there is no way to get a spar part for the outer cage. They...
Rob Juric   on Jul 9, 2019
started a topic: Sram NX Eagle spare parts
Where would one be able to purchase the jockey cage? When I bought my new bike within the first ride I had something caught in the bottom jockey wheel and it bent...
I recently bought the Roscoe 8. All I can say is wow, I have absolutely no regrets and would buy the bike again if I had to. The 27.5+ tires are really...
Rob Juric   on Jul 5, 2019
replied to Bike superstitions
Damn man, where did you hide the bowl of onion in my room?   Sorry to hear that but that's a great way to always remember him.
Rob Juric   on Jul 5, 2019
replied to Upgrade or buy a new bike?
I would upgrade honestly. I had a 2016 Cannondale Trail 7 and 29r and I was in the same spot. Upgrade or buy new. The amount of changes with frames and gear...
Rob Juric   on Jul 3, 2019
replied to 2007-2008 Trek 820 WSD 13" Value??
TIL that Bicycle Blue Book is a thing. Thank you for that.
Rob Juric   on Jun 28, 2019
replied to Racing
Awesome! I guess I know what I will be doing in Sept... well, as long as my Dr clears me for it. :P
Rob Juric   on Jun 28, 2019
added a review of Bikepark Trippstadt

Great bikepark for the local ktown area. All of the lines take about one minute to go down and only...
Rob Juric   on Jun 27, 2019
started a topic: Racing
Well, I want to set a goal for myself before I leave Germany later on this year. I would like to compete in one enduro race, don't care how I do, what...
Rob Juric   on Jun 26, 2019
replied to Action-Cam Woes: Shaky/shoddy video
Unfortunately, your best bet is a GoPro. That being said, check your Facebook market place. I bought two GoPro Hero 3 blacks, one for $75 the other for $35. They are both...
I had the Giant Stance last year and it was my first full squish. I bought a Roscoe 8 this year since I wanted a little higher tier hard tail. I can...
Rob Juric   on Jun 14, 2019
replied to $50 limit annnnnnndddd..... go!
My wife and I recently just had a kiddo so she has been super busy and really stressed. We rarely, rarely buy each other gifts for anything. We surprise the other with...
Rob Juric   on Jun 12, 2019
started a topic: $50 limit annnnnnndddd..... go!
Hey guys, I need ideas. So my wife got me a present for fathers day and is telling me to get myself something else. I honestly don't know what.. I would like...
Rob Juric   on Jun 12, 2019
replied to Sea Otter racism
Since I just started riding again I decided to buy myself a GoPro, wooooop! Well that very day that I bought it, I got home, got everything together super fast and took...
Rob Juric   on Jun 2, 2019
started a topic: Garmin
Hey guys! Recently on some of the GMBN videos on YouTube Neil is using a Garmin that has built in Komoot. Does anybody know which Garmin that is? I'm trying to get...
Rob Juric   on May 30, 2019
replied to Singletrack Shredder tees
What are y'all offering for a GFX designer? I might be interested.
Rob Juric   on May 30, 2019
replied to Hard Tail with Dropper, help!
Heck yeah man! I'm loving this bike so far! Haven't converted over to tubeless yet but will be doing so in the next few weeks! I can't wait to get home everyday...
Oh, I know. I was honestly just messing around. lol
Better question is, who has the right away? Me flying down the trail 20+mph, at 200lbs, and a 30lb bike... or a 135lbs Karen or Manbun Matt that's shuffling up a hill...
Rob Juric   on May 23, 2019
replied to Giant Trance 2 vs Trek Remedy 8
The best bet would be to go around your LBS and see if you can demo them. You can always read what people have to say about certain bikes or watch all...
Rob Juric   on May 23, 2019
replied to Sram Eagle 1x12 help!
Aw geez, and I thought I had it bad. Good luck to you, sir!
Rob Juric   on May 20, 2019
replied to Sram Eagle 1x12 help!
Thanks for the input you guys! Really appreciate it! I've been playing with the cables a little here and there and yesterday it didn't happen once. So that's a plus!
Rob Juric   on May 17, 2019
started a topic: Sram Eagle 1x12 help!
Well, maybe some of y'all saw that I just got my Roscoe 8 2019 today. I ended up taking her on her first ride today and ran into some shifting troubles but...
Rob Juric   on May 17, 2019
replied to Hard Tail with Dropper, help!
Killer Climb, so funny that you say that. Monday afternoon, right after I made this post, I went to my local bike shop, tested and bought the Roscoe 8.. lol I just...
Rob Juric   on May 17, 2019
replied to Mountain Biking with Dogs
I just started biking again and I really really really want to get my dog to go out on the trails with me. I actually brought him with me today and I...
Rob Juric   on May 13, 2019
started a topic: Hard Tail with Dropper, help!
Yo yo!!! I'm back! Some may remember last year when I took a spill and tore my ACL. No bueno :( However, I just had my 2nd knee surgery this past March...
Vapid, I used to live in Ohio. That comment just made me lol pretty good. Thank you for that.  
The climb I do everyday to get out of bed and go into work. lol
Rob Juric   on Jun 19, 2018
replied to Dropper Post
Roden, Good to know. I'm stationed in Germany so I will have it shipped to one of my buddies that lives in a Germany out on the German economy. Pretty sure they don't...
Rob Juric   on Jun 18, 2018
replied to Dropper Post
Thank you all for the feed back! My wife and I went on a 4 day trip to southern France so I was not able to check up. I will be buying...
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