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LC9er   on Jan 23, 2019
started a topic: Lumberjack 100 SS
Doing lumberjack on a single speed this year. I currently have 32-17 gearing on my 29er w/100mm fork and drop bars. Debating on putting the rigid fork on. Terrain is not too...
I know its been over a year since the post. They ended up blocking me on the site after i continued nagging them with warranty requests. I now own a few carbon...
LC9er   on Jan 23, 2019
replied to Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2)
LC9er   on Jan 18, 2019
spec'd a bike: Niner One 9 RDO
LC9er   on Nov 17, 2017
replied to Which Full Suspension Should I Buy?
Do you really need a full suspension in florida? I have one in Michigan and its useless in the lower peninsula. still trying to sell it.
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