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BBelfield   on Mar 15, 2018
started a topic: City/Trekking bars
I'm doing some upgrades to my singlespeed bike to make it more street friendly. I have a THULE kids seat on it that I take my daughter on short trips with. The...
BBelfield   on Mar 13, 2018
replied to Adventure/Gravel bike build
I like the color scheme, looks like a fun bike.
BBelfield   on Mar 7, 2018
replied to No more REI or Dicks for me.
I agree with being fed up with corporations, companies, actors, news, kids shows, etc... politicizing everything. It's ridiculous for REI to think they can not sell some of the best products of...
BBelfield   on Feb 27, 2018
replied to Picking out my first MTB
Get the best hardtail your 1g will afford and rent a bike at the lift access park. You'd be better off finding a more trail- all mountian oriented hardtail if you want...
BBelfield   on Feb 22, 2018
added a review of Vail lake resort

$5 per rider. Ok place to spend a couple hours. Just ups and downs on DG hills, trails are not...
BBelfield   on Feb 22, 2018
updated Vail lake resort conditions to Fair
What if you're too lazy to regularly work the side hustle but thinking about it keeps you from riding?
BBelfield   on Feb 19, 2018
replied to Fully Rigid
I have a redline monocog, so fully rigid singlespeed 29" wheels.  I bought it in 2007 and is the only bike I have ever kept for more then a few years. Have...
BBelfield   on Feb 16, 2018
replied to Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?
Check these out. All of them a lot of bike for the money with modern geometry.  The last one is even boost standard front and rear. I have a Nukeproof and can...
BBelfield   on Feb 15, 2018
replied to Getting up curbs
Lift your front tire then your rear in one smooth motion. Slower speed at first until your technique is good. Add speed as comfort and skill goes up. You shouldn't have to...
BBelfield   on Feb 15, 2018
replied to Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?
You'd be money and quality ahead getting a hardtail with much better components. You could always find a deal on a previous model year or used quality fs frame later down the...
BBelfield   on Feb 9, 2018
replied to Different gases for tires
I run pure nitrogen sometimes out of laziness. My little nitrogen bottle doesn't need to be pumped and is silent. I makes less then zero difference on the trail or otherwise. All...
BBelfield   on Feb 9, 2018
replied to DIY LiPo lights.
They work awesome and are cheap. Get chinese lipos for a third of the price of turnigy and solder in a low volatage cutoff. Profit!  
He's going to pinkbike to replace RC when he gets shipped to the smithsonian for their ancient mtb journalist exhibit. That's my guess
I would say you all had flawed taste buds, but the number 1 pick was absolutely correct among that list.
BBelfield   on Feb 7, 2018
replied to Experience with Cane Creek AngleSet?
It works but superstar components has one for a third of the price.
You're a nut! My goal for summer is 100'000 down, chairlift up!
BBelfield   on Feb 6, 2018
replied to new tires
If you're not racing cross country I would err on the side of traction over all else. I like maxxis minions or wtb vigilantes. It's also about the casing and compound when...
There's a time and a place for both I think. If I start putting around too much I forget that I'm not that old. Regardless I wouldn't care about being passed on...
Drive around, do power slides. Eat ramen and drink? Usually it's the drink and marvel at the fact it's raining.
BBelfield   on Jan 3, 2018
replied to Mountain Biking Goals in 2018
Ride more new places. I took over a year off a couple years back and basically only rode bike park in the summer the last two years. I am completely over the...
You're right about non-riders having no idea what your talking about. I do think that the term "mountainbike" at least gives people an idea of the style of riding if not the place you're actually riding in. Also, riding lift access should be referred to as jackassing, f-ing off, screwing about or something of that…
I call my riding "jackass-ing". I think we're on to something..
BBelfield   on Jan 2, 2018
added a review of Greer Ranch / 215 Trail

Good trail network if you're local, I didn't think it was worth the drive but it was overhyped to me....
BBelfield   on Jan 2, 2018
updated Greer Ranch / 215 Trail conditions to
BBelfield   on Jan 2, 2018
added a review of Bike Bling

This is the best shop that is local to me. They have much larger selection then anyone else around but...
BBelfield   on Dec 20, 2017
replied to New Rider - Protection Questions
I think you're asking too much. If you crash a lot, you'll have to replace your gear. Bulky gear last longer but sucks to pedal in. Everything is a compromise. All that...
BBelfield   on Dec 15, 2017
replied to Decisions, decisions....
If you like the bike then fix it. If you're ready to upgrade, then do that. Drivetrain will wear out on any bike regardless of cost
BBelfield   on Dec 15, 2017
commented on IMBA Wants to Hear Your Opinions on Ebikes
I don't know why something so simple gets so complicated. It's not a bicycle. It's a moped. If someone wants to take it on a motorized access trail then cool. If someone thinks they should be allowed on a bike/hike/horse trail, advocate at a local level for THAT trail. This is not something that needs…
I ride anywhere from 760 to 800 on my bikes (the downhill bike with the 800). It opens up the cockpit and gives you more leverage which equals more control. Especially on...
BBelfield   on Dec 8, 2017
replied to IMBA and the Wilderness
It's ridiculous. All STC is trying to accomplish is to have the original bill interpreted and enacted as written. No allowing bikes everywhere or anything crazy like that. I am 100% certain...
The prep thing has never ruined a rid for me. I've forgot to lube the chain (oh well), bring a pump (fine if it's not flat), left basic tools behind (I prep...
Not getting to ride as much as I'd like and not getting to ride anywhere good as much as I'd like. Any place that I'd consider "real mountainbiking" is a couple hours...
BBelfield   on Dec 6, 2017
replied to What bike rack do you use?
I don't know that you could "humbly" suggest your own $1200 product but it looks cool if you're running a shuttle service.
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