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Hi How about warring the pants over knee pads. Say ION k-pact please. Do you think they’d fit. Did you try kneepads? Did you every try Endura waterproof bike pants? Compare? Thx Neil
neil barstow   on Mar 5, 2019
replied to Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Hi there, If you want a TRUE all rounder take it from a guy who used to own 7 bikes. Now just the one (and a pub bike) Have a look here at the...
Bontrager G5 is a really confidence inspiring front tyre, better edge channels than the DHR2 (which is a very nice tyre too). read all about it here and - - stay tuned...
Hia Aluminium frame? I suggest just strip it and leave it RAW, a bit of metal polish will keep it beautiful, or leave it and it'll go dull and look like something from a...
Hey thanks. Good article. I'd really like to see that bicycling piece on MIPS too. Unfortunately the link here is broken and a search there doesn't find it. Thanks though.
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