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XC rider who occasionally forgets hes only got 100mm upfront :) I share mini-guides, routes and photos of my MTB, Trail Running and Wild Camping adventures and WildBlighty.com

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Wild Blighty   on Jan 27, 2018
replied to Riding With a DSLR camera
I carry a canon 40D (quite on old camera nowadays!) along with a standard zoom (17-50), a spare battery and cleaning cloth. I occasionally also carry a mini telescopic tripod and gopro....
Wild Blighty   on Jan 26, 2018
started a topic: UK MTB Trails
<div>Hi All - for any of the community based in the UK (or UK bound). I run an adventure activity site which includes MTB guides to various regions in the UK. This...
not really interested in the t-shirt, however I do like the slogan - and its fair to say I have possibly in the past been guilty of this !
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Generally running, sometimes climbing, very occasionally stretching !
Wild Blighty   on Jan 26, 2018
replied to Giant limited lifetime warranty
I think its a big ask expecting a manufacturer to pass on a warranty to second owners. Its one of the reasons I always buy new (and why we pay a premium...
Wild Blighty   on Jan 22, 2018
replied to Mountain bike + shooting duathlon
Sounds awesome and strangely I have previously wondered if this sort of event existed. Never heard of this in the UK though !
Wild Blighty   on Jan 22, 2018
replied to Where do you ride?
Yeah - nice video irudkin! Do you place cameras, circle back and then ride past them? I've done similar and it can make the ride much longer eh?! Anyhow i'm in based...
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Get your core into shape and you will find these easier (not easy) to learn ! Youtube is ofcourse your friend, <span style="text-decoration: underline;">perfect</span> practice makes perfect !
Wild Blighty   on Jan 22, 2018
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
A diamond back ascent with no suspension! (what do people even call MTBs with no suspension nowadays?), it was bullet proof with a super comfy gel seat I recall! I reckon approx...
Surely they are a money maker (being the most popular MTB shoe brand), makes no sense to discontinue to me?
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