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aaronlock   4 days ago
added a review of Comlara Park

Well Maintained, active local riding group. They host xc races from time to time. Good place to go ride if...
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aaronlock   4 days ago
added a review of Spring Lake Park

Good blend of technical features and flow. Great trail to ride if in the area.
aaronlock   on Dec 18, 2017
added a review of General Dacey Trail

Park at the ag bypass to avoid the Road section. Decent Trail. Not as nice as Camp Camfield, Fay Pickering...
aaronlock   on Oct 2, 2017
added a review of Camp Camfield

Great Flow, Novice or beginner all three loops. I will be riding the Black trail that was added next time...

Great Trail, Flows really nice. Cool views especially for Illinois. Not super technical for the most part. Decent climbs and...
aaronlock   on Sep 28, 2017
added a review of Lake View Park Trails

Trail has not been reviewed recently so here is a more recent review. There are nearly 9 miles of trails....
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