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Enjoy doing stuff under human power.
She really enjoyed the Hawk Hill. She just got a new (to her) Pivot Mach 6 for Christmas. That said the HH easily paid for itself. She learned a lot on it and it always took good care of her in every situation.
I can't think of a nicer compliment. Thanks for taking the time to read and to make my day!
bcarter1234   on Jan 9, 2019
Thank you, made my day.
Thanks for reading and for sharing your experience.
The Santa Cruz 5010 in the top photo was a demo bike from an awesome shop in Boulder. I didn't realize until I got back to Florida that I had spent a week on not a $3000 Santa Cruz but a $10,000 Santa Cruz! As you can see in the jump photo lower down my…
Michael, Stealing my thunder. ;-) I'm working on an article about the pump track.
Smaller or larger, hardtail or full squish, once you are floating in mid air those elements don't matter. Hold on to the good parts of your inner 9 year old.
I appreciate that people take the time to read and share their experiences. Since starting to ride mountain bikes I have a new level of respect for those who race(d) motorcycles. I love your advice and certainly intend to follow it.
Everyone should ride a bike as they see fit. Some days we go out to get a workout, some days we go out to session an area to improve our technique, other days we just ride bikes in the woods. I have to admit though, since I’ve started to learn to jump it is rare…
We are so fortunate to have Santos. The work that goes into that place is very impressive. The progressive jump lines near Vortex are where we cut our teeth on a "real" jump line and where we still go to grow.
My neighbors have long since given up on wondering if i'm crazy, now they just smile and ask what I'm up to this time. Work your way up just pushing your comfort level a little at a time. Life is getting shorter for us all but that just means each day is worth more, don't…
I hope to write soon about applying skills you learn from the small ramp on the trail. Jumping even small jumps just adds another dimension to the ride. It really is more about fitness, practice and mental attitude than age.
It's great that you are out there with your son. My dad used to pit for me when I drove race cars. Those are some of my most cherished memories. I hope yo make the plans available so check back.
Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I'm guessing if it happens it will likely be a result of my not thinking.
Moving is such a privilege, moving on a bike more so. I'm trying to set the plans down on paper in some format. There is a little skill required to cut them but it should be doable with just a power jig saw.
Thank you. I see inspiring people around me every day. Keeps me moving forward.
Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thought. I wasn't even sure if people still listened to music on the radio.
Thank you for reading. I hope to draw the plans up over the holidays and try to make them available.
I'm miss the days when I could "just do it". We healed quickly if we got hurt at all. We didn't have bills to pay or even a job to go to. These and many other factors can often cause us to tense up, exactly the opposite of what you want when jumping. Try starting…
Thank you. Yours is a great attitude. One of the most pleasant surprises about starting to ride mountain bikes has been the great diversity of riders we meet on the trail. From families with young children to men and women and women, many of whom are senior even to me.
I think you should drop the Old and stick with the Androlling! Keep sending it! Thanks for taking the time to read the article.
Brian, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll be in touch.
So much for jumping this weekend. With my head this big I won't be able to put a helmet on, let alone get it off the ground. You made my day!
Dane keep setting the bar high. My first ever organized bike ride was a half century in my early 20's. They guy I ended up sharing turns drafting had legs like steel cables. We averaged just over 18mph for the 50 miler. When I asked someone about him later they told me he was 80…
Keep pushing yourself, ignore the calendar. Let me see what I can do about making a set of plans available. So far they are in my head.
No links yet but plans or actual ramps may become available if there is sufficient interest. The ramp when broken down takes up very little space. Set up or takedown reuqire about a minute each. Anyplace becomes a potential practice area.
Richard, Thanks for the kind words. No one can deny sone effects of age but as Dane says below desire and fitness can hold back the clock and even reverse it. Jumping is a learnable skill. Learning helps extend our relative youth. I hope to add more installments soon.
bcarter1234   on Dec 7, 2018
Brian, I apologize for a comment that is nearly completely off topic but couldn't find the means to send a PM. Your comment describes what I'm looking for in a bike for my wife. "I like a poppy bike that I can throw around and pump from one side of the track to another. For…
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