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ajlutz211   on May 16, 2018
replied to Hardtail Advice: $2,000~ Price Range
Anyone else have sizing advice regarding the Kona Honzo. I was able to ride a Large around a parking lot, and I would say the fit was pretty good (reach and stack...
ajlutz211   on May 1, 2018
replied to Hardtail Advice: $2,000~ Price Range
Hey bvcarpenter, I have been strongly considering building a steel Honzo, but I haven’t gotten a chance to demo a Honzo yet.  What size do you have?  I’m 6’5”, so I was...
This may be the best internet article I've ever seen (Aside from the ones on The Onion, of course).
For $500, don't even think about full suspension.  If you find a "good deal," it's not real.  You're either going to get ripped off or disappointed. In a used bike, you can check...
ajlutz211   on Nov 30, 2017
replied to trail etiquette
I find that I usually naturally yield, and the other person also usually yields.  It's unfortunate to slow down when I'm really pushing through a section for speed, but at the end...
ajlutz211   on Aug 31, 2017
replied to Struggling with fork upgrade decision
Since you have new Suntour fork and you're eligible for their upgrade program, you should consider that.  I used it to upgrade to a Raidon, which from my research is a great...
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