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I have the opportunity to get either the 2018 Trance 2 or the 2016 Trance 1 for basically the same price. Both bikes are basically stock and in similar very good/excellent condition. I know...
jsplendido   on Nov 11, 2018
updated Central Park conditions to Good
jsplendido   on Nov 4, 2018
updated Luther Forest conditions to Good
jsplendido   on Nov 4, 2018
added a review of Luther Forest

I went to Luther Forest today because it has been raining nonstop basically for two weeks. The trails were in...
jsplendido   on Jul 9, 2018
updated Cohoes Falls Trail conditions to Fair
jsplendido   on Jul 8, 2018
added a review of Cohoes Falls Trail

Where is the trail? Followed to Topo map. Mostly roads. A few spots I was able to ride cinder path...
jsplendido   on Jul 7, 2018
updated Colonie Town Park/Ridge Trail conditions to Good

Well marked and easy to follow. Fun trail names. Definitely rideable with some tricky areas. Good old fashion east coast...
jsplendido   on Aug 24, 2017
added a review of North Bethlehem Town Park

A lot of fun packed into a small space. Well built and designed. The more technical obstacles are avoidable and...
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