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joebaloba   on Jul 7, 2018
added a review of Devil's Backbone

I'm a southeastern visitor and enjoyed the trail from the parking area to Hunters Loop: not much difficulty, a mild...
joebaloba   on May 5, 2018
added a review of 7 Oaks Thread Trail

May morning, 60s, overcast -- honeysuckle, briar blooms, and, in the low spots, lake scent of fish spawn. Lovely trail...

Big climb to start and fun ride down. Even in the Rockies I had never had that long swooping downhill...
joebaloba   on Aug 12, 2017
updated River walk conditions to Poor
joebaloba   on Aug 2, 2017
added a review of Seven Sisters

Above my skill level. Entered at Stony Fork campground and in second mile found I could hardly stay on the...
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