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Mat Plaz   on Dec 29, 2017
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Never been to the park, but just wear a helmet man. It's saved me many a trip to the hospital...
Mat Plaz   on Dec 29, 2017
replied to mountain biking in Florida
Alvin hit most of the points. There's also San Felasco, Snowhill, and Oleta River. My personal favorites are Markham, Virginia Key, Alafia, Boyette, Loyce, and Santos. Haile's trails near Gainesville are insane,...
Mat Plaz   on Jul 31, 2017
replied to Plunge Wildly Ahead or Backpedal?
I would stick with what you have. A plus bike is a bit easier to control and has more grip, but the reality is that they are wildly inefficient and heavy, especially if you...
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