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An hour on the trails really IS happy hour...

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csjr   on Oct 30, 2018
answered a question about
Correct, enter the trail on the south side of parking. System runs clockwise. You'll come back to parking via north...
csjr   on Feb 19, 2018
added a photo of Trek EX 8.29
Next to the Widow Maker
csjr   on Feb 19, 2018
added EX 8.29
Flat Black with red accents
csjr   on Feb 12, 2018
replied to New Bike Help
I have a 2017 Trek Fuel Ex8.  I'm 5-10, 165 and old so I don't really smash it.  I bought an 18.5" frame.  It's a good trail bike with 130/130 travel.  The...
Bike started with 780's, cut down to 760 before leaving bike shop, cut another cm off each side after a week, so down to around 740.  I'm 5'10" w medium bike.  I...
csjr   on Dec 10, 2017
added a review of Trek Fuel EX 8 29

Smooth, fits well, value, great fork, brakes, drivetrain, looks
csjr   on Dec 10, 2017
added FSB
Full suspension trail bike
csjr   on Dec 10, 2017
added Fuel EX 8 29
2017 model trail bike
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