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mtnryder   3 days ago
replied to First ride photos of the new year
Thumb Butte area in Prescott, AZ
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mtnryder   3 days ago
replied to First ride photos of the new year
Coming down from Hangover in Sedona, AZ
A) The President has nothing to do with this decision B) The President doesn't care about climate change as much as you because he's not a sheep. I guess he realizes none of us can control when the Earth decides it's going to heat up or cool down, processes which have been occurring for hundreds…
mtnryder   on Nov 1, 2018
added 6 photos.
Heading out of the lower trailhead parking lot
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mtnryder   on Nov 1, 2018
added a review of Ridgway Area Trails

I hate to give this 3 stars because the trails were in excellent condition and obviously well maintained but it...
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mtnryder   on Nov 1, 2018
added a review of Twin Buttes

This is a great XC type loop right next to downtown Durango. Very well designed singletrack though not a lot...
mtnryder   on Nov 1, 2018
added a review of Phils world

Phil's World is the single best designed "trail system" I've ever ridden. I ride it at least once a year...
mtnryder   on Oct 17, 2018
replied to Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
Here ya go....directly from Over the Edge & Osprey packs. There's not really a legitimate "shuttle" ride per se in Sedona. However, depending on where you're staying, you can ride on the road...
mtnryder   on Sep 7, 2018
replied to Chest Protector
No to the chest protector. The last thing I want to do is where more stuff while riding. It's one of the pleasures vs riding an actual dirt bike. I also don't...
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mtnryder   on Sep 7, 2018
replied to Familiar Trails vs. Exploring
Well, as usual, it depends. If I'm staying local during the week, I'm usually riding solo so I stick to familiar trails so that if something happens, my friends know where to...
mtnryder   on Sep 7, 2018
replied to Got a "home" trail?
Mine would be the Big Laguna Trail which sometimes includes a run down Noble Canyon as well. It's not really my "home" trail though as it's an hour plus drive. It does...
mtnryder   on Sep 7, 2018
replied to How hard do you push when you ride?
I'm more or less like Head Over Handlebars. Some days I'm just "feeling it" and push it on the climbs a little harder but generally speaking, I ride "smarter...not harder" on the...
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mtnryder   on Sep 7, 2018
replied to Tubeless air pressure
I'm about 220 fully loaded (unfortunately) and ready to ride and I'm not super anal about my air pressure. Anywhere between 22-25 is OK up front and 25-28 in the back is...
mtnryder   on Sep 5, 2018
replied to Moab...yes another ?
I originally decided to try flats after a trip to Downieville and after several hike-a-bike (HAB) situations on a ride on Mt Elwell. Walking in SPD equipped shoes was a nightmare. When...
mtnryder   on Sep 2, 2018
replied to Moab...yes another ?
On all my past trips, I rode clipped in. That’s the way I rode for 25+ years so it’s all I felt comfortable with. I never felt I was in any danger....
mtnryder   on Aug 29, 2018
replied to Is a hip pack enough for mountain biking?
I just returned from Whistler and noticed that about 60% of people weren't wearing backpacks....or even hip-packs for that matter. Then again, they are mostly just riding on the park so even...
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Awesome news. I can't wait until it's done so I can come back to town and help the economy.
mtnryder   on Aug 29, 2018
replied to Raising Kids Who Love to Ride
Here's my advice....move to Whistler. I saw 100 time more kids under the age of 10 riding there in one week than I've seen riding in 25+ years of riding in the...
mtnryder   on Aug 20, 2018
replied to Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA
Hmmm....that green hillside in the back is what threw me off. I live 4-5 miles from there (over by Hwy 76 & College) but have never even heard of Tuley Canyon. I...
mtnryder   on Aug 19, 2018
replied to Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA
That looks like the far S/E corner of Calavera. For both of you, you can find local MTB groups on Meet Up dot com. There’s also a local message board called Dirt Treaders...
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That guys a lying POS. Glad that he was charged for false reporting an emergency.
mtnryder   on Aug 16, 2018
replied to Crested Butte Shuttle Aug 25-26
If you can't find anybody, Colorado Backcountry has started running shuttles out there
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mtnryder   on Aug 16, 2018
replied to Do you ride "on" or "in" your bike?
For me, it depends on the bike for sure. The more XC the bike is, the more I feel I'm "on" the bike while on Enduro type bikes, I feel I'm "in"...
mtnryder   on Aug 11, 2018
replied to Must rides in Whistler?
I just recently returned from spending 10 days up there and let me start off by saying that the resort *exceeded* my expectations. You are aware that Crankworx is going on up...
I just came back from 10 days in Whistler and I have to say, they did a phenomenal job with etc trails up there. I'm not a "park" guy by any means but I had a great time there because the trail quality, design and maintenance in the park was so well done.
My son was stationed just south of Richmond for a bit. I was not impressed with Richmond itself but the history that surrounds the area is immense. I would love to have...
I was just having this conversation with some women riders at one of our local riding areas, an area where there is absolutely ZERO beginner terrain so for sure these ladies know how to ride. Two of them were in their 30's and the other was in her 40's. In reality, the fact is that…
Been to Sedona and Outerbike, chaotic bike demo process. Been to (3) of the Fruita events and they were run the best by far, followed by Hurricane's festival. Admittedly, Hurricane's is much smaller so less moving parts. At least people don't have to run to demo bikes like a bunch of fool at War-Mart's Black…
mtnryder   on Mar 17, 2018
replied to Non-negotiables
1x12 (but 1x11 would be acceptable), no SRAM brakes....I'd get the Canyon....or a YT....or an Intense. It's hard to touch what these "direct to consumer" guys are offering right now.
mtnryder   on Mar 12, 2018
replied to Where to ride in Scottsdale?
The best place to go ride in the metro Phoenix is South Mountain which interestingly enough is on the south side of Phoenix. Check out the National Trail which most people think...
mtnryder   on Mar 9, 2018
replied to Riding partner in Los Angeles
<p style="text-align: center;">First off, you might want to be a little more specific on where you’re staying. As if Los Angeles isn’t big enough, you’d be amazed what some people think of...
mtnryder   on Mar 8, 2018
commented on What Type of Mountain Bike Should I Buy?
I've taken several friends mountain bike shopping for their 1st "real" bike and they all end up spending more than they expected but haven't gone crazy. I explain all the difference the best I can and then put them on several bikes so they can see & feel the differences. At one time, I was…
mtnryder   on Feb 23, 2018
commented on Osprey Raptor 10 Hydration Pack Review
I have an older 10 and a newer 14. The newer 14 is actually lighter than the 10. I love these packs (obviously) and don’t have any gripes, other than the price keeps creeping up. I think I paid $80 for my 14 two years ago. It was on sale but the full MSRP is…
I just picked up a 2018 Tracer frameset after demo’ing the bike a couple weeks back. Luckily my demo was built up with SRAM Eagle since that’s what I prefer on my own bikes. The knock on this bike in some reviews thought it didn’t climb well. You seem to disagree, as did I....wholeheartedly. What…
mtnryder   on Feb 7, 2018
replied to MIPS Helmet
rmap01 has the general idea although I wouldn't call MIPS a "layer". It's a thin piece of plastic that supposedly allows your head to rotate a bit upon impact, thereby lessening the...
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There's a guy on MTBR, goes by the name Harryman and he is the expert on ebike stuff in Colorado. I believe he works on some sort of committee working on ebike...
mtnryder   on Feb 2, 2018
commented on Why I Quit Mountain Biking
Passion comes and goes. While I think for most people, it mostly comes down to time and priorities, others just get burnt out. I know I was "core" from 1989-2002 and to be honest, mostly got bored. Back then, I hadn't discovered to potential to travel for the purpose of mountain biking. I did that…
mtnryder   on Jan 15, 2018
commented on a photo of Meander
Crested Butte?
That guys narration is annoying as hell.
mtnryder   on Jan 6, 2018
replied to Best online shop to get upgrades?
Jenson USA, Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist, Tree Fort Bikes, Art's Cyclery, Universal Cycles, Merlin (UK),, (Germany), (Germany).... I order mostly from Jenson because I live in SoCal and whatever I order...
mtnryder   on Jan 4, 2018
replied to Best MTB retirement community?
NorCal for retirees? This state is one of the absolute worst for retirees with all the taxes and will only be getting worse in the future. Florida? Alligators is every body of water,...
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