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mtnryder   9 hours ago
replied to Bike Sell/buying/ rookie mistake
All the advice you've been given is good. I was also going to suggest a shorter stem and moving the seat up.....especially since I'm 5-8 and fit just fine on the large...
mtnryder   2 weeks ago
commented on Do Women's Mountain Bikes Offend You?
I'm not the target of the article but I agree with Mr Mojo. If the article was titled "What do you think about women's specific mountain bikes?", I don't think there would be the same backlash as implying that the bikes "offend" you. Nobody is forcing anybody to buy any bike they don't like so…
mtnryder   3 weeks ago
commented on POC Octal X Helmet Review
I have to say that I do not know a single person who rides mountain bikes that doesn't wear a helmet with a visor. I guess maybe XC racers might be interested in what appears to be a roadie helmet.
Standard Singletracks article heading worded to draw controversy, almost clickbait in least to actual mountain BIKERS. As you can see by the overwhelming majority of comments posted here, the opinions on e-bikes are NOT shifting. 90% of the people I ride with on a regular basis are 50+ and not a single one of…
mtnryder   on Oct 16, 2017
replied to What makes Mountain Biking GREAT
I agree that MTB riders are generally very helpful and polite to each other. I know we always ask if riders have everything they need when we see them "broken down" along...
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I'm with Jeff in that I agree that the signs will at least re-enforce the concept that skidding isn't good for the trails and maybe you can make an effort to avoid...
Very nice. Nice skills and I'm sure it helps that kids are fearless. I can get down about half of it before my brain says "that's enough" and I go into me...
Once again, "most used" or "most popular" rather than a "Best" list but as the former, I'd say the list is dead on. I myself have used Shimano XTR or XT clipless for the last 20-25 years and still have XTR on one of my bikes. I have just started migrating over to flats (less…
mtnryder   on Oct 2, 2017
added a photo
Headed up on the 401 Trail
mtnryder   on Oct 2, 2017
added 3 photos.
Looking down the valley from the 401 Trail in Crested Butte
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Funny you mention that because I just suggested that one of our local dedicated MTB sites here in San Diego County (Dirt Treaders dot com) go the Facebook route. I belong/follow numerous...
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I'm happy with the gear spacing on my bike at 10-50 with the SRAM Eagle so I can't actually see how having two more sprockets inside those parameters would be of any...
mtnryder   on Sep 28, 2017
replied to Best do it all bike?
If you're REALLY going to go to "downhill parks", you're best off listening to KM332 and sticking with a 27.5 "enduro" type build. I had a Pivot Mach 6 myself and it...
mtnryder   on Sep 19, 2017
replied to Pivot Mach 6 carbon
I had a 2013 Mach 6 and I love date bike. It did everything well. I could ride non competitive XC, enduro type trails and could also take it to the bike...
mtnryder   on Sep 18, 2017
replied to New to Phoenix and the sport
Here’s another idea for you as well. Get a free account at and join all the MTB groups that interest you. You will get email notices when rides are planned and...
mtnryder   on Sep 18, 2017
replied to Moab for the first time
I disagree with a few of the others. Slickrock is iconic and essentially what put Moab on the map a generation ago. I think it's a must do as there is nothing...
mtnryder   on Sep 14, 2017
replied to Mountain Lions
I know they're out there but I don't bother thinking about them. Like Brian mentioned, you've probably ridden right by a few of them if you've been biking in the woods for...
If you can find one, the Dakine Low Rider for the win!! For me it was more comfortable AND held more water if that was desired.    
Definitely not World Cup DH worthy as a track. Admittedly I'm a Gwin homer but I think the way they handle the whole World Champ jersey deal is stupid. The guy who wins the overall series should get the jersey to wear the next year. The fact that somebody can go all season without winning,…
I have 3 sets of Hope Pro4 Boost hubs and 1 set of CK Boost issues
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mtnryder   on Sep 7, 2017
replied to New to Atlanta
Here's another idea for you as well. Get a free account at and join all the MTB groups that interest you. You will get email notices when rides are planned and...
This article has received more responses in a short period of time than any other that I recall on ST.
I haven't been to Flagstaff yet (but obviously need to after looking at these photos) but we go to Sedona at least once a year. With the exception of Aerie, we ride all the Sedona trails listed almost every trip but my personal opinion is Hi-Line is the best trail in Sedona....hands down. As far…
mtnryder   on Aug 28, 2017
replied to Help me choose a new bike
I'd personally go with the CF Spectral 9.0 but you stated that the extra $$ wasn't worth it to you so in that case, I'd use go with the aluminum version since...
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mtnryder   on Aug 28, 2017
replied to Old Full Suspension to Modern Hardtail?
Personally, I'd scour the classifieds on Pinkbike & Craigslist and find a FS bike but if you're daed set on going with a hardtail, I read great thinks about the Honzo.
mtnryder   on Aug 25, 2017
replied to Light hardtail
There is a guy on Pinkbike selling a brand new, Medium sized, carbon, 27.5, Pivot LES frame for $1200. If it was a 29" frame, I would have snapped it up already....
mtnryder   on Aug 22, 2017
replied to sedona Shuttles
I can't think of any shuttle rides there either. They may exist but I've never ridden any of them.
mtnryder   on Aug 7, 2017
commented on a photo of Thunder Mountain
Awesome!! Thunder Mountain?
Meh....99% of all riders will never change their brakes from whatever came on their bikes. What's most likely to come on your bike? Shimano or SRAM of course. If they do change/upgrade them, they are most likely to stay with the same brand or what the shop recommends which happens to be? Shimano or SRAM…
mtnryder   on Aug 4, 2017
replied to Where to ride Labor Day weekend?
That are a that had the fire was down south near Brain Head. However, the resort and all of the best trails were unscathed. There is actually some great riding there and...
Durango (especially if you've got the legs and lungs to ride the high country) and the Tahoe/Downieville area have what you're after but you have to be willing to work in D-Ville....
mtnryder   on Aug 2, 2017
replied to Where to ride Labor Day weekend?
Not sure where you're located but I can't think of anyplace in the desert that I'd want to go riding over Labor Day weekend. I will say that the mesa's (Gooseberry, Guacamole.....maybe...
No idea if it's *really* good or bad as I've heard and read arguments both ways. That being said, my personal observations are that most bike shops have NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER clamping directly on to the dropper portion (stanchion) of the post. Most likely because.....A) it isn't their bike and B) it's much faster for…
mtnryder   on Jul 27, 2017
commented on a photo of Prickly Pedal MTB Race
Cactus Cup in Cave Creek?
This dude is a perfect reason to bring back the guillotine and make the whole event pay per view.
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