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csharp1171   on Apr 8, 2019
replied to Tarp Shelters and rain
Nothing weird about using a mountain bike for hunting. Lots of folks out west do it.  I just recently did a 4 day bike hunting/camping trip.
csharp1171   on Sep 4, 2018
replied to Minimum Ride?
Don't worry about miles much anymore but generally like to ride at least 45 minutes.  I've started doing more downhill type of riding so getting in multiple sessions on a feature is...
csharp1171   on Jun 15, 2017
replied to 1 by or 2 by?
I suppose I'm the odd one here.  I went from 2x10 to 1x10 and hated it and went back to 2x10.  I love to spin and I instantly missed that on some...
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