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mtengaio   on Feb 12, 2019
commented on Watch: TransAngeles Urban MTB Adventure
Timmy Commerford from RATM? Right on.
Totally agree with Nick Helper. Putting shitty "stock" wheels on bikes that are labeled "Trail" or "Enduro" is a joke. At least offer "stock" wheels that can handle more than 1/2 a...
mtengaio   on Dec 28, 2017
commented on The 20 Best Trails Greg Explored in 2015
Mtn to Meadow and Snake Charmer at Big Sky are classics for sure!
Cow shit, aka, green mud. Total buzz killer.
My vote for Idaho: Over the Top, Pocatello, ID. For Wyoming: Lithium, Wilson, WY.
mtengaio   on Jul 27, 2017
replied to Yakima vs. Thule hitch racks
Thanks for the replies. I ended going a completely different route with the Kuat nv2.0 with 2+ adapter.
mtengaio   on Jul 21, 2017
started a topic: Yakima vs. Thule hitch racks
Any opinions on Yakima Hold Up rack vs. Thule Classic T2 rack? I have the opportunity to purchase either for the same price.
mtengaio   on Jul 19, 2017
replied to Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks
I thought of waiting to cover bikes until leaving the pavement too. I'll see how that works.
mtengaio   on Jul 18, 2017
replied to Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks
If the wheels stick out from the sides of the vehicle, with a cover on the bike, the wind couldn't pass through the wheels. Yeah, that makes sense that it would generate...
mtengaio   on Jul 18, 2017
started a topic: Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks
I'm tired of my bike being coated in dirt upon arriving atĀ trailheads that require miles of travel along a dirt road. Does anyone have any experience with bike covers, like thisĀ or any...
mtengaio   on Jun 27, 2017
replied to iPhone bar mounts
All good and valid points. I have been riding with my phone in my camelback with Strava or Maps3D running while I ride. Which is fine. My main want is to know my...
mtengaio   on Jun 26, 2017
started a topic: iPhone bar mounts
Can anyone suggest a decent handle bar mount for an iphone?
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