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Israel // ISRAEL

yoav.aretz   on Mar 6, 2018
started a topic: any tips to survive the upcoming summer heat?
well i live in israel and to every body that doesnt know its the middle of a fucking dessert its so hot out here any body can give me tips about riding...
yoav.aretz   on Sep 17, 2017
started a topic: need help wheelie
i need help on wheelies when i start the wheelie im turning to the sides how do i do a straight wheelie? and how do i keep the front wheele up? by the...
yoav.aretz   on Sep 12, 2017
started a topic: Any tips on mountain biking in winter?
Any tips on mountain biking in winter? Lube, maintenance, gear, rain, bike cleaning, storage, clothing, trails, tyres,  
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