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xcxc   on Sep 8, 2017
replied to Is cyclo cross taboo?
Thanks, I've never even seen one. Wanted to find a mt bike race and this showed up. I'm on a fat tire and they do have a class for it. Should be...
xcxc   on Sep 8, 2017
started a topic: Is cyclo cross taboo?
Any tips on racing cyclo cross or is this not the place for it.  
xcxc   on Jul 10, 2017
added a review of Bear Swamp

I was there yesterday (Sunday 7/9/17) and had a great ride. Trails in good shape, not as much mud as...
xcxc   on Jun 30, 2017
answered a question about
no berms
xcxc   on Jun 24, 2017
replied to Oldest Mountain bikers
I'm not that old but at 60 I'm hitting the trails again. Started mt. biking again to stay in some sort of shape and cross train for the fall cross country season...
xcxc   on Jun 24, 2017
added a review of Glenwood Cemetery

Rode this trail Thursday, a lot of fun but you do want to go after it has dried out for...
xcxc   on Jun 10, 2017
added a review of Mount Hope

Stopped after running the Naterace, thought we would pop in for a couple of minutes. 2 hours later we drove...
xcxc   on May 29, 2017
added Mason's Bike Park
As you enter the trail loop, clock wise or ccw, 1st one there makes the desision. Mostly flat, log jams,...
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