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mongwolf - sorry for overreaching your argument. I probably should have just replied to the article itself. I think we're basically on the same page here. Bikes are not causing widespread ecological damage. I just wanted to illustrate that there is a potential for impact, that impacts might not always be so obvious, that we…
I'm not totally disagreeing here, but...when old school trails, which haven't been made to remove water as frequently as new school trails, are rutted up this may encourage runoff to flow down the trail picking up sediment as it goes. Sedimentation (the deposition of sediment in streams) is one of the biggest contributors to habitat…
It'd be nice to do this in an area where the cell coverage isn't so great. Then again I'm not...
ericnico   on May 5, 2014
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Follow these simple steps to achieve items 1, 3, and 6 above. 1. Strip the bolt head on your EBB, say...
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I think you've just talked me out of ever opening a bike shop :(
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