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29ersrolling   on Oct 30, 2017
replied to Cost
I hear what you're saying, I just bought a fatbike myself. I was thinking about going the bikes direct route, it does seem like you get a great component list for the...
Great article! Definitely makes me want to plan a trip there, is there good camping options near the trails?
Gonna try to ride a true fat bike this winter in snow at Big Bear!
Rode a Rocky Mountain Bikes hardtail w 27.5x3 inch tires for a few days in Colorado. Great bike, was awsome at powering through rocky loose and sandy trails. I still like my 29er a little more because it handles better at speed, the plus bike seemed a little floppy on the turns at high speed.…
My Maxis Ardent tires were tubeless ready and I was getting flats all the time here in So Cal. My LBS recommended tubeless and said they could do it for $60. That was months ago and have not had a flat yet (knocks on wood) I think it was well worth it because new tubes…
29ersrolling   on Aug 14, 2017
added a photo of Little Scraggy
Flowing on the upper section!
Awesome thanks! I'll definitely check all those areas out on mountain bike project and YouTube. Centennial cone looks sweet. I think I'm going to rent a bike from Big Ring Cycles, so I'm glad...
Hi everyone, I am going to be taking a trip to Golden Colorado during the beginning of August. I'm meeting my friend there who is also a mountain biker and we wanted to...
Outstanding write up man! I'm 38 and ride a lot but consider 20 miles to be epic, I'm gonna see if I can double down and hit 40 after reading this. Thanks for taking the time to share.
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