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I don't even wash my socks after every ride, let alone my gloves! Ha ha!!
Amen! My friends scoff at me for only bringing one water bottle, in a cage on my bike, on rides. On longer rides I just add the AquaStik straw filter (like the lifestraw pictured in your article). Just completed a 30 mile, 5700 foot elevation gain ride with one water bottle and the AquaStik.
Totally agree about the horses.
Right to roam laws...that sounds amazing! Wish we had that in the States.
The Wyoming list is a little funny, given that El Alto is a trail inside of Curt Gowdy State Park (#s 2 and 3 on the list).
I still don't understand most rider's need for a backpack or hip pack or fanny pack. Consider your list of essentials: tool, tire levers, tire repair kit, a tube, a mini-pump, water, and a snack or two. That all fits on my bike frame. Now, for a really big ride, I would consider something like…
jaredmente   on Jan 30, 2019
commented on 4 Pairs of Mountain Biking Pants Reviewed
In the colder months I wear a cheap pair of pants that I bought at Kohls for around $20. They are cut to look just like jeans but they are made from some kind of stretchy, water-resistant material. They've got the regular jeans front and back pockets as well as a side-leg zipper pocket. I…
jaredmente   on Jan 25, 2019
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead.  I am quite fond of this bike.
You're fortunate to find Bryon (or is it Byron???).
jaredmente   on Apr 27, 2018
replied to Hardtail Advice: $2,000~ Price Range
Just another you could look into: Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead.  I just ordered one and cannot wait for it to arrive!!  It's also a steel hardtail with all mountain geometry.  And the cool...
Well said. Still, that parting comment from the hiker about bikes tearing the crap out of trails does irk me!
I liked the three step process for repairing a flat in the video, that step 1 was to get a flat. Makes me feel like I've at least accomplished a step in the process when I flat out next time! I'd be interested to give it a try. I can certainly attest to tubeless tires…
Good stuff. Your last sentence (and me): Keep riding (check).... keep crashing (CHECK)... and keep getting back up again (check!).
All too true. I like to consider myself a "satisficer" - I just ordered a new mountain bike. I fell in love with a particular bike, and while I did spend some time researching it as well as other similar bikes, I didn't spend very much time debating my purchase. I just ordered the one…
the last photo in the article looks like it could have been taken from homestead meadows...
You probably already have, but if not, you've got to go pedal all around homestead meadows. Off hwy 36 between Lyons and Estes. Access it via the Lion Gulch trail or through Hermit Park. Tons of old settlement ruins and lots of fun riding.
jaredmente   on Feb 14, 2018
replied to What do you love about Singletracks?
For me it's all about the articles.  I like the personal feel of the articles, where other sites feel much more commercialized and corporate.  This site is much more relatable.  As others...
I've finally purchased a good light to enable night riding - my tv watching time is about to get drastically cut in favor of my bike riding time! The only problem is TV time also corresponds to wife time (we love laughing at our shows together). With all of these decisions of how to use…
Nice story. Good for Grace, would love to ride with her.
Where are all these surveys I keep reading about on here? I've not been surveyed!
Wanted to reply because I am in the EXACT same position - meaning, the first ever mountain bike I bought was a Trek X-Caliber 9.  That was nearly three years ago.  I...
Oh, and like you, I used to take my bike in for adjustments a lot.  I got tired of that and just learned how to be my own wrench.  I've gotten pretty...
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