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I saw some videos of GMBN, BKXC, Nate Hills and many others on youtube, I was hooked.

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Great question! THE Gaia GPS that I use to get out on the singletrack. Lol. It changed everything for me. Oh and um, I love the suspension on the front of my hardtail...
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SlowMoe   on May 21, 2017
replied to gear cleaning
Cleaning armor/gear is a cinch. Spray it off with the water hose and be done. Shoes get the soapy rag and sprayed off. The inside of my shoes get sprayed with antifungal...
SlowMoe   on May 21, 2017
replied to How often do you wash your mountain bike?
I took steps when I first got my bike from the LBS to make life a little easier, I gave it a generous bath in silicone spray. It makes a big difference...
SlowMoe   on Apr 27, 2017
replied to The Rise of the YouTube Celebrity
Truthfully, if it were not for the videos I saw on youtube from Nate and Brian I may have never got bit by the mountain bike bug. I can't wait to see...
SlowMoe   on Apr 27, 2017
spec'd a bike: Trek X Caliber 9
SlowMoe   on Apr 27, 2017
added a review of Silverdale Cyclery

These guys are helpful and knowledgeable. They are affordable and willing to show you how to get the most out...
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