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You realise that ebikes are not faster than regular bikes, right? They just require less effort. So if you're worried about speed, you'll probably need to ban all Cat 1, 2 3 racers from riding too.
Ebikes are the best thing to happen in a long time. They're bicycles. They ride like bicycles but you feel like you've got fresh legs every ride. It's freaking awesome. I've been riding and racing mountain bikes since 1988 so I've been riding long enough to remember when mountain bikes first got full suspension. Back…
DaleRider   on Apr 2, 2017
added a review of Capital View

I wouldn't say this is a beginner trail. It has beginner elements but also intermediate. Having not been here before...
DaleRider   on Apr 2, 2017
added a review of Skullbuster

Excellent trail. Spring break in Ky to find some new trails this week. This was one of them and didn't...
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