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Specialized SFO clipless shoes are amazing. Easy to walk in, double BOA closure for “dialed in” fit, great toe protection, comfortable, look good. I paired them with Shimano Saint Clipless pedals for my favorite shoe pedal combo yet.
I rode The Corviglia flow trails above St Moritz in the Engadine Valley in Switzerland. Super flowy and not too difficult. There were some techy parts above the tree line. I rented a bike, a guide and took trains and lifts up. Overall, quite an expensive few hours, but completely memorable and worth it. Oh,…
I agree with rajflyboy. Shuttling allows a rider to tackle the downhill fully physically and mentally fully alert. Many times I have thought my downhill performance would be stronger if I didn’t just climb 2000 feet first...
Incycles in Pasadena has great rentals and issntctoo far from Mt Lowe area.  You will probably need a car to get to the mountain from the shop though
davidmarkweitzman   on Feb 21, 2018
replied to Italian Alps: Cervinia
Have ridden Swiss Alps that are close to Italian Alps.  I rode the Corviglia Flow Trails above St Moritz (amazing trails that riders at most skills levels could get down safely) and visited the...
I like how he shows several crashes to nail the tricks. Its amazing to see how sick riders like Jeff are but still crash and don't look afraid to crash.
I stayed this summer in the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps and Mtn biked the Corvilia flow trails about St Moritz.  A beginner can ride them but if you have some...
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