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EMV   on Sep 28, 2019
updated Allegrippis Trails conditions to Good
keep the trek and buy an enduro bike...
EMV   on Mar 10, 2018
replied to Fender to protect dropper post stanchion
that inner tube hack is good and cheap but the seat will not drop to the lowest point....
EMV   on Sep 1, 2017
replied to Steep Downhill: Front or Back Brake?
Rule of thumb - Front stops, rear slows you down. But then again ..... it depends. Its all about traction, if the trail you're describing is a twisty downhill I'll be careful...
EMV   on Sep 1, 2017
replied to Making hardtails less bumpy?
fully agree with blundar's comments.... ideally you shouldn't be on the saddle 90% of the time when on the trails. do this if the trail is smooth, but with roots/rocks i would hover...
EMV   on Jul 2, 2017
updated Walking Purchase Park conditions to Poor
EMV   on May 23, 2017
added a photo
my 1st Enduro race @Bear Creek
EMV   on May 10, 2017
updated Marsh Creek Park conditions to Good
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