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Mountain biker since '95. Commercial photographer during the week. Dude with a YouTube channel on the weekend. Sponsors: No one. I'm a dirt bag. Let's ride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt23kpuMXe0&t=3s

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HornsHighMTB   on Oct 14, 2017
started a topic: VIDEO: Rally Cat | Canyons Bike Park
Rally Cat.  Park City, Utah.  Man, this place was a blast.  So much flow.  Great speed.  We thought the runs were a bit on the short side but we all had big...
We needed a break from climbing so we spent a day at Canyons Bike Park in Park City, Utah.  I haven't been to that place in years.  They've stepped up their game...
We had 12 days to ride and bounced all over the place dodging either rain or snow.  My next video might be from the 401 in Crested Butte.  I say 'might' because...
Thanks.  That trail was a ripper.
HornsHighMTB   on Sep 29, 2017
started a topic: Video: Doctor Park | Crested Butte, Colorado
Me and my buddies played bikes up in the Rockies recently.  This is the first video from the trip.  Many more videos are in the pipeline.  Keep your horns high and have...
HornsHighMTB   on Jun 16, 2017
started a topic: VIDEO | LEE'S WAY DOWN | AVON, COLORADO
On the next Horns High Mountain Biking: Me and the guys do a couple of runs on Lee's Way Down, near Avon, Colorado. I introduce you to the new Executive Director of Travel &...
HornsHighMTB   on May 23, 2017
started a topic: Video: Walker Ranch | Boulder, Colorado
I recently did a little work/ride vacation out in Colorado and met up with some friends to put some dirt on our tires and smiles on our faces.  This is the first...
HornsHighMTB   on May 19, 2017
started a topic: Video: Walker Ranch | Boulder, Colorado
WALKER RANCH LOOP | BOULDER, COLORADO As thunderstorms pounded Kansas City, my buddies in Colorado reported hero dirt and tempted me with high speeds, good times and low worries. That's my kind of...
Tonight on Horns High Mountain Biking... I air up my tires. 23psi in front, 26psi in back if I remember right. Steve slays one of the longest lefties in town like Tom Araya in...
HornsHighMTB   on Apr 26, 2017
replied to The Rise of the YouTube Celebrity
I'm seeing great feedback on this subject and that's important.  It shows that people are taking notice and expressing how they feel about what some believe is probably a rather bizarre phenomena....
HornsHighMTB   on Apr 25, 2017
added a photo
Dropping the hammer at Coler Bike Preserve in Bentonville, Arkansas.
You should have seen the reactions I got from a Facebook group dedicated to reptiles (herpetology).  I posted that video and said, "I'm a mountain biker.  Wanna see what I do to...
Went down to Coler Bike Preserve in Bentonville, Arkansas and gave'er hell.  Had a great time.  I've only done Rock Solid a few times but I can see that line being holy-shit-fast...
HornsHighMTB   on Apr 24, 2017
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz Bronson
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HornsHighMTB   on Apr 24, 2017
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz Bronson
I've seen riders at the trailhead doing that.  They'll look around suspiciously, set their keys on their tire, look around suspiciously some more, then head into the woods for their ride.  Makes...
Just another day of having fun on two wheels.  Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvfNZFi-ULA
HornsHighMTB   on Feb 14, 2017
started a topic: VIDEO: WYANDOTTE COUNTY LAKE | FEB | 2017
Stole a quick Valentine's Day rip at the Dotte (most commonly known as WYCO).  This is Chupacabra to Lakeside trails.  Kansas City, Kansas.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYlX7sg6FnY&t=140s
HornsHighMTB   on Jan 13, 2017
added 9 photos.
Missing Whistler.
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