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Listened to this podcast and removed my seat post since it's worthless for climbing and puts me in the adult fetal position. Will report back on the outcome.
Samgreene   on Jun 25, 2017
replied to Buying new bike
Seems like moving from a hardtail with a likely 100mm travel to a 160mm travel bike is a bit of a leap.  You sure you want such a big bike?  Might be worth...
That first picture of Pass Mountain made me think something really bad was going to happen. I was hoping you didn't fall of those cliffs! Glad you are OK and back out there.
Football and soccer players have repeated head injuries, right? I won't speak for everyone here, but most of us haven't gotten concussions and don't repeatedly gotten them as footballers and soccer knockers do. In my opinion the takeaway here is to slow down when approaching trail heads. Desert Classic is one of the busiest trails…
If Strava has so much great trail info, why don't they show it on my ride maps. I have to sync to Trailforks to see my ride over a trail map.
Samgreene   on Jan 5, 2017
replied to creaking in my bottom bracket/crank set
I had this problem fixed recently.  Replacing the bb didn't fix it.  Disassembling the frame and reassembling did the trick.  Sounded like the bb, but was one of the linkages down there.(giant...
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