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I used to race 600cc sportbikes, then ran out of money. Started racing 100cc motorcycles, then had 2 kids. Mountain biking keeps me closer to home on weekends, and I can get out at sunrise rather than driving for 2 hours to the nearest race track.

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rk97   on Dec 13, 2017
replied to better upgrade: fork or dropper?
Thanks for all the good perspectives :) I do want to  be able to take on bigger drops and harder trails.  I also want to ride the Mohican 100 at some point.  Maybe...
rk97   on Dec 12, 2017
replied to better upgrade: fork or dropper?
Framed MN 3.0 It's not that I can't afford both, necessarily, it's that I don't want to sink tons of money into a $750 bike unless it's something that will transfer to my...
rk97   on Dec 12, 2017
replied to better upgrade: fork or dropper?
it's already a contentious debate in my head :)
rk97   on Dec 12, 2017
started a topic: better upgrade: fork or dropper?
My fat tire bike is my only bike. If I want to take on some more challenging trails and can only afford 1 upgrade for Christmas, where is the money better spent?  Dropper...
I'm not sure I agree with all of the points made, but they're stated reasonably (calm down fat/plus fans) and supported logically. The major counterpoint I feel wasn't addressed is cost, as compared to suspension components. Maybe I feel the need to justify my rigid fat tire bike purchase, but larger tires provide some of…
rk97   on Jul 19, 2017
replied to Awesome deal on 29+ wheel set
I wish i hadn't seen this.  Now i'm tempted, but I would want a suspension fork to go w/ the 29" wheels... I like the idea of making my bike more versatile and...
rk97   on Jul 19, 2017
replied to What to Buy: Old and beefy or New and Rigid?
I'm not here to give you advice, because I probably have a lot of the same questions, but here are a couple more things to keep in mind when looking at used...
rk97   on Jun 14, 2017
replied to 1 by or 2 by?
I replied to this a while ago, but it occurred to me just now that no one (no one I've seen anyway) has mentioned the additional un-sprung weight that a larger cassette...
rk97   on Jun 13, 2017
replied to
That actually makes me feel better... If it's technique, then I can just ride more and not spend money on shoes, etc. :P I do tend to be in the saddle when this happens,...
rk97   on Apr 28, 2017
replied to Gravel Bike?...anyone? anyone?
I've looked at these a bit, and while there are definite differences between a gravel bike and a CX bike, I don't find those differences to be significant enough to justify a...
rk97   on Apr 26, 2017
replied to The Rise of the YouTube Celebrity
I watch pretty much everything from Brian, Seth, Alexander, and Phil. I also like GMBN, but their self-imposed obligation to publish a new video daily has started to lead to forced and/or...
rk97   on Apr 26, 2017
replied to Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh?
I'm a huge fan of small utility trailers.  I sold my pickup truck 8 years ago and bought a folding 4x8 trailer from harbor freight.  I currently tow it with a 2003...
rk97   on Apr 26, 2017
replied to Why do you leave your car keys on your tire?
I usually have a firearm on my person, or in my vehicle, so leaving keys (to the car, or to the lock-box) anywhere near it is a huge no-no. Situations like this are...
rk97   on Mar 30, 2017
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike??
I clicked on this thread as much for advice as to share my  own thoughts, but I bought a fat tire bike as my first bike. The lack of suspension means better components...
rk97   on Mar 30, 2017
replied to XC Race Bike
Not trying to be rude by asking this, but how much faster is a purpose-built XC bike going to make you in an XC race?  And that isn't directed just as YOU,...
rk97   on Mar 27, 2017
updated Mill Stream Run Reservation conditions to Poor
rk97   on Mar 16, 2017
replied to Post your van life photos here!
I tried to convince my wife that we needed a van... She cried and (after admitting that I was correct in my argument that it was the most practical choice) convinced me...
rk97   on Mar 15, 2017
replied to 1 by or 2 by?
Everything is a trade-off.  Lots of good points have been made here.  Ultimately, I don't think you'll know until you try. I've never run a 1x, so I won't speak ill of them. ...
No, but always remember that half of the world's population is below-average intelligence.  
rk97   on Mar 10, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
I wanted a mini van as well.  Wife wouldn't do it.  "we're not going to spend $25,000 on something I hate."   Fair enough. ...but they are tremendously useful.  Moreso than a truck, IMHO. ...
rk97   on Mar 8, 2017
replied to What's the best deal ($$) on a fat bike?
I also bought the Framed Minnesota 3.0 for $750 at the end of 2016.  I believe the 2.0 was $650 and the 1.0 was $600. I have no complaints about the MN3.    The...
rk97   on Mar 8, 2017
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
I don't like to ride with earbuds in.  Constantly falling out, and I think it's safer to be able to hear what's around you.  That said, my 'internal soundtrack,' limited to a...
rk97   on Mar 8, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
It's clear that I'm in the minority with this opinion, but call it food for thought... Virtually any small car can pull 1,000 lbs.    An inexpensive trailer (harbor freight has several for under...
Has anyone considered which universities have collegiate cycling teams?  I wish I'd known about that before I went to college.
rk97   on Jan 25, 2017
replied to CHEAP 'commuter' build?
Greg nailed me...  I am asking for mutually exclusive things. The strava comment was kind of a joke, but not totally.  I know a modified MTB will never be in the same league...
rk97   on Jan 24, 2017
replied to First mountain bike ride horror stories
When I was 14 (summer of 1996?), i bought a Giant MTB for $400 at my LBS.  Compared to my friends Huffy and Murray department store bikes, it was a technological marvel. ...
rk97   on Jan 24, 2017
replied to CHEAP 'commuter' build?
Appreciate both suggestions. A fixie/single speed is intriguing, but I don't think the wife would do as well on that during family rides.  But I do want one, and that link will almost...
rk97   on Jan 24, 2017
replied to Fat bike for single tracks
I hope this works out for you, because I have the same plan. In my mind, this is like owning a 4x4 in Colorado.  It's most at home in the snow, but it...
rk97   on Jan 24, 2017
started a topic: CHEAP 'commuter' build?
I'm new to cycling, so bear with me if this is a dumb idea... I got into cycling in November, 2016.  Not an ideal decision from a trail condition perspective (in Northeast Ohio). ...
I'm not a surfer, and I thoroughly enjoy visiting California, but if you're not married to the idea of traveling specifically to California, there are a lot of other places that will...
I'm completely new to riding, so: - Ride 50 miles/week (minimum of 2 short rides during the week, and 1 long ride on weekends.  2 kids under 3 yrs at home means i...
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