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Living in Scotland getting and do as much riding in as possible; trail, bike packing, ... Making some video along the way
irudkin   on Jul 16, 2017
started a topic: Video: Postman's trail Isle of Harris Scotland
Spent a week on the Isle of Harris. The postman's trail was a route walked by a postmen  3x a week up until 1990 when finally a road was put in otherwise...
irudkin   on Jul 11, 2017
replied to Bikepacking Glen Tilt Scotland
Trying to get a better idea of how this works. Two things: 1. Submitted this video via this site's add a video.  It seems to have disappeared into the ether. No feed back...
I have not been to Wales Afan for a long time so maybe they have added new trails. It was good and enjoyed going there but not the best. Now in Scotland...
irudkin   on Jul 7, 2017
replied to Dealing with flying insects when biking
Hah not seen anything until you have encounter the Scottish midge. May be a wee 2mm in size it is a <insert swear words here> nightmare and they bite leaving you itchy...
irudkin   on Jul 5, 2017
replied to Fell right into a stream
The other place to empty water from is the free hub (that you mount the cassette onto).
The brakes. The pads are they evenly worn? The wear even to the pad plate?  If not it maybe the calliper is out of alignment with the rotor. To see look down...
Nice bike. The chain. Do you have a chain stretch measurement tool?  If the chain is worn and you change it be warned that depending on how worn stretched it is  you...
irudkin   on Jul 5, 2017
replied to If I knew then...
Not all bling expensive and light weights parts are any better than the cheaper equivalents. They probably scratch easier, break easier and look worn quicker.  Just enjoy the ride.
irudkin   on Jul 3, 2017
replied to Bikepacking Glen Tilt Scotland
I would like to delete this thread as the video has been submitted for review and so not cause duplication. How can I delete this thread?
irudkin   on Jul 3, 2017
added a photo
Glen Tilt Highlands Scotland bikepacking weekend
irudkin   on Jul 3, 2017
added a video
A beautiful glen in the highlands of Scotland. It extends into remote area with great scenery.
irudkin   on Jun 29, 2017
started a topic: Bikepacking Glen Tilt Scotland
Visited Glen Tilt in the highlands of Scotland  a few weeks back.
irudkin   on Jun 12, 2017
replied to Video: Aberfoyle trails Scotland
Thanks :-) Yes Salsa Bucksaw carbon custom built by myself. <p style="text-align: left;">Yes Strava heat maps. Captured zooming out. Played back in reverse order. 180 keynote slides to animate the route. I should be...
Would like to take the 2 GoPros on most new rides because you never know what you may come across. However they are still bulky with stands. Hardly film on the bike...
Recently got a pair of Shimano XM9 boots for hike a bike (ed should do more riding! Lol) and very pleased with them. Can get warm in warm days but few far...
irudkin   on Jun 10, 2017
started a topic: Video: Aberfoyle trails Scotland
irudkin   on May 31, 2017
replied to Tips for preventing leg cramps
I did a solo race on Saturday Glentress7 Tweedlove event Scotland. I suffered cramp to the point it was forced me out. No amount of bananas electrolyte drinks was making it go...
irudkin   on May 21, 2017
replied to What MTB mistakes have you learned from?
No tool (a tool to fix your bike / do maintenance) is as expensive as not having it at all especially when out in the middle of no where.
irudkin   on May 21, 2017
replied to Tubeless Question
From my experience you should be ok but that's if you have thick UST wall tyres. Some tyres "tubeless ready" have thinner walls (so lighter) so are more perminable so dry out...
Depending on conditions a high to low profile is ok imho. However when the side wall is showing exposed threads and or latex is seeping through the tyre tread then the tyre...
irudkin   on May 12, 2017
replied to How often do you wash your mountain bike?
I often do not wash the bikes after a dusty ride but then it's not dusty very often. I do clean the suspension seals and lube after most rides.
irudkin   on Mar 25, 2017
replied to Brake recommendations
sram xx0 nice. Have you looked at Hope. I have Hope on all our bikes for years. Bullet proof. Though considered expensive but all with CNC'ed loveliness. Not necessarily the most powerful...
irudkin   on Mar 24, 2017
replied to Icarus Nation Kickstarter
Wish you all the best. Without looking at your site so forgive me but since your are in design phase'ish can I put forward my 2p worth ???? What bugs me about most...
irudkin   on Mar 18, 2017
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
Jim Cummings: I agree jeans or denim type material imo are a bad choice for anything more than a quick jaunt for many reasons.
irudkin   on Mar 16, 2017
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
For the last year I have been wearing these Norrøna Fjøra Flex1 pants. MTB specific lightweight with zip venting. Pretty tough With no sign of wear. Great for riding in Scottish midge...
irudkin   on Mar 16, 2017
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
Also the Endura Hummvee trousers. Endura have a good reputation here in UK for quality of being tough so would be my next choice.
Some of the trails round our way have been visit by the Stick Fairies. They go ou of there way to move and place fairly large to large (an effort to move)...
Robert: that is very interesting and favours ble to relieving the battery life concerns. How easy it for readjustment or fine tuning when out on the trails? Or need to limit to...
Hi all I love electronic gadgets and though I like the tech advance of bike electronic gears I would not use put them on my present MTB bikes, the main reason being the...
irudkin   on Feb 19, 2017
replied to Chainline???? WTH?????
Yes put crank on and look down the chain, if still room to move then take bb spacer ring out (put on other side of bb). It is a faff. If can't...
irudkin   on Feb 19, 2017
replied to Chainline???? WTH?????
I expect you have found that you need to get your chain ideally running in line with middle cog of the cassette. This minimise the 'bend' in the chain line which minimises...
irudkin   on Feb 19, 2017
replied to Awesome places you have ridden
Hproctor: Same here. I have also realised that, well at least my photos, the photos do not do the places justice.
irudkin   on Feb 18, 2017
started a topic: MTB trails highlands Scotland Video
irudkin   on Feb 18, 2017
replied to Awesome places you have ridden
John Fisch. The Hole in the Ground photo looks different looks like 'unexpected'! Looks artificial but obviously not :)
irudkin   on Feb 16, 2017
replied to MTB gps unit vs. smart phone gps app?
I just use my iPhone and the ViewRanger GPS App with Ordance Survey 1:50000 maps Can track a route or create a route. Scan the horizon to pick out and name prominent...
irudkin   on Feb 16, 2017
replied to Awesome places you have ridden
Mongwolf: that is something fantastic had a look at Beast Trail. Going back?
irudkin   on Feb 16, 2017
replied to 2x10- 1x conversion
Try this site to show a gear range Gear calculator As for your second question go out and ride and see how it goes.
irudkin   on Feb 15, 2017
started a topic: Awesome places you have ridden
One of the reasons I like to mountain bike is to see some beautiful and amazing scenery. Some off it has been unexpected other times more than I expected. The weather also...
irudkin   on Feb 9, 2017
replied to Cleaning Stanchions... and other stuff
After almost ever single ride I squirt a little 20wt or any thick oil around the seals. The compress the fork or rear shock a little. I find this draws out any...
irudkin   on Feb 7, 2017
started a topic: When do you change your brake disc?
Ridden disc for years. Signs of a disc worn is when the pads take more than twenty hard pull on the brakes to bed in and outer edges of the pads are...
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