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Living in Scotland getting and do as much riding in as possible; trail, bike packing, ... Making some video along the way
irudkin   on Sep 3, 2018
started a topic: Film: Green Mile
irudkin   on Aug 31, 2018
started a topic: Film: Mastermind DH trail Scotland  
irudkin   on Aug 20, 2018
started a topic: Film: Heartbreak Ridge Ballater Scotland
irudkin   on Aug 2, 2018
started a topic: Unexpected beautiful places by MTB
Look at the map to go new places and some turn out to be wow! Remote empty and beautiful. This beach is not accessible by car so nobody there.
irudkin   on Jul 10, 2018
started a topic: Video: bikepacking trip Scotland
Want inspiration for a #bikepacking route? Loch Etive is tough but beautiful. #film #findyourepic #visitScotland A new phrase to go with this trip “push the bush” besides “hike a bike”.
Thx Jeff look forward to your report Especially interested in how easy or hard it is to mount the tyre and get a tyre lever in there to get it off as the...
Any one use these? What is you experience? Looking for a 4” fatbike tyre. Vittoria do one called the Air-liner? Can’t find it in the UK. Tried contacting Vittoria no answer.
irudkin   on Jun 15, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
Yep totally agree with all the above. Have fun. And don’t let other people think and tell you your activities are ‘dangerous’ or ‘impossible’ or silly and put you off - the...
irudkin   on Jun 10, 2018
started a topic: Video: Free to roam Scotland Glen Feshie trails
Revisited Glen Feshie highlands Scotland and not disappointed. A beautiful area to ride your bike.
A wee trail but fun trail hidden from view right in front of the extremely popular Loch Morlich near Aviemore in the highlands of Scotland.
irudkin   on Jan 22, 2018
replied to Where do you ride?
Mickey Young: yes created the video myself. Used 2 static GoPro and GoPro karma stabiliser  hence the big back pack
irudkin   on Jan 20, 2018
replied to Where do you ride?
Ride a lot in the Cairngorms National Park mainly around Aviemore. Started to explore trails in the east around Ballater.  Here is a video of some unique terrain for Scotland.
Scott USA Strike Pro front hub. Been transferred to two other wheel sets from 2004. Still runs smooth. The rest of of the bike is probably deceased by now. Admit the wheel...
I used to have a pair of Cannondale Roam shoes. Agree totally and yes looked for a replacement but no longer available.
Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres have a smooth tread
Which items have you purchased that have surprisingly worked far better than you expected for the price you paid? Gloves from Lidl £5 waterproof and still going for 4 winters all seams intact Swalbe...
Interested hear was people would say here too. IMHO for what I ride in Scotland a 2x is a must to give to range. With a 706% gear range a 60lb bike...
irudkin   on Nov 23, 2017
started a topic: Two Bothy Tour Scotland
If you do any kind of outdoor activity in the highlands of Scotland then pretty quickly you get hear about bothies. A Bothy is a rudimentary   hut barn cottage with no...
It was beautiful blue day 2 days earlier honest. I did exaggerate the cloud in a few cuts to add menace and foreboding. You can get sun burnt in Scotland. It’s true lol...
irudkin   on Sep 8, 2017
replied to Bikepacking Glen Edendon Scotland
Thanks guys. We rode a glen a few miles east and it's quite different again. Glen Tilt--> Glen Feshie --> Mind the best looking glens are ones with a few trees imho.
irudkin   on Sep 5, 2017
replied to Bikepacking Glen Edendon Scotland
Yes we do but not enough imho. Says the Englishman now living in Scotland. The scenery makes up for it and so does the riding.
irudkin   on Sep 5, 2017
started a topic: Bikepacking Glen Edendon Scotland
Go with the external routed cable. The angle with which the cable coming through the bottle cage bolt hole would be at 90° to the frame and the diameter to small for...
irudkin   on Aug 17, 2017
replied to Dropper Posts
I resisted for a long time for many reasons then one day I lowered my post for a descent and I could see how this could work and never looked back since....
irudkin   on Aug 4, 2017
started a topic: Bikepacking Cairngorm's singletrack Scotland
I would agree with Jeff. If you set out to find trails yourself and unfamiliar with the area then asking on the day can result in disappointment. Booking a guide can also...
irudkin   on Jul 21, 2017
replied to Chain lube - mixed your own formula?
I was talking about lubing the chain not cleaning the chain. "Ga damm this chain is not clean enough!" Lol Yes agree mixing stuff have to be careful and aware.
irudkin   on Jul 18, 2017
replied to Chain lube - mixed your own formula?
Interesting mix of experiences. I've tried purple extreme ("used on oil rigs at sea"), dry lubes, teflon, wet lines, water based lubes, white lightning (yes got hooked by the name) etc One of...
irudkin   on Jul 17, 2017
started a topic: Chain lube - mixed your own formula?
If you do what's in it? Successful? All the lubes out there over the years all a bit well disappointing in one way or another for some $$$. I have mixed my own but...
Waterproof paper map backed up by gps app to find the track we should be on but obscured by heather. Draw the route on mapping software then print off.
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