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My no wind sport from kiteboarding! Started May 2016. i

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Good article! I started riding a Fat Bike last winter and I think it improves several different skills that have helped me on my skinny bike! Things like track stands, riding skinnies and climbing. Also in Ontario we go on group rides which are a lot of fun and help with the safety factor!
Being a relatively new mountain biker and having led a beginner group that was introducing most of the folks to mtbing I found that you've hit on most of the key things. One thing I did was had them do some basic skills training on a nice grassy field - low consequences if they fell.…
Mobettah   on Jan 8, 2017
spec'd a bike: Giant Anthem
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Mobettah   on Jan 8, 2017
spec'd a bike: Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike
Started Mountain biking in May 2016.  Been having a blast riding trails. My goals for 2017 are 1.  Ride at a new location and new trails at least once a month. 2. Enter my...
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