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crackerman   on May 22, 2019
replied to tire inserts
Had Huck Norris and currently running Cush Core. Huck norris are much easier to deal with the install and if you get flat, its easier to deal with on the trail. Running...
crackerman   on Apr 23, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
Check out Commencal Meta HT. I built up a really nice 27.5+  hardtail from the frame up. Frame only cost $500 brand new and you can run 27 or 29er wheels on...
crackerman   on Mar 13, 2019
replied to What does your bike weigh?
I try to hit the bathroom before I ride. It usually takes off a 1 lb or 2 of the overall weight.
crackerman   on Jan 28, 2019
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
I usually just wear long-johns with shorts over them, but I resonantly got these riding pants from Amazon. They run small so you got order a larger size. I'm pretty happy with...
crackerman   on Jan 25, 2019
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
    2018 Commecal Meta HD. Bike rips. Running 27.7 x 3.0s. 150mm Fox 36 up front.
After doing a bunch of tubeless setups, it gets to be pretty easy. That being said, I highly recommend a valve core remover, gorilla tape, stans no tube injector, and definitely an...
crackerman   on Oct 30, 2018
replied to --Please Identify This DH Frame--
Looks alot like this one:
crackerman   on Oct 26, 2018
replied to Trails just north of Boston.
There's a lot of great trails north of Boston. Fells is ok, but check out Harold Parker, Lynn Woods, Greenwood(Beverly Commons), Breakheart, Russell Mills, and Billerica State forest is a pretty good...
Great read. My pup Ivy is the same way. Always stoked to ride and I'll put her in my truck sometimes and hour before, just to calm her down as she'll wait for hours knowing she's going for a bike ride. Her excitement modivates me on the trails as well as she rips through the…
crackerman   on May 16, 2018
replied to Best Value All Mountain
Used. Get a last years $3000 bike for $1500.
crackerman   on Apr 30, 2018
replied to Hardtail Advice: $2,000~ Price Range
I picked up a 2018 Commencal Meta HT frame in the winter and built it up. Loving the bike. Boost spacing and I'm running a 140mm Pike on the front, but will...
I have some nice seat covers for my truck that work well. I also always bring my trail dog who loves the mud and water. I have a second seat cover on...
crackerman   on Mar 2, 2018
replied to 150mm fork on 120 frame
I'd agree with the +20mm for about as much as you want to go up without really changing the geometry. That being said I was using a fatbike speced for  a 100mm...
crackerman   on Dec 22, 2017
replied to 29plus wheel set carbon or aluminum
I've stuck with aluminum as I tend to bash rear rims. My current rear rim has dings and dents in it and I should be replacing soon, but I'm still running tubeless...
I personally always size up. I'm only 5'8-5'9 ish have been going with large on all my current bikes. I like to run a short stem on all my bikes so with...
crackerman   on Nov 28, 2017
replied to Noob bike fit question
I second what Fatbike1 says. Love my dropper post and use it all the time. Any kind of downhill section, its nice to keep it low and out of the way. I...
crackerman   on Oct 6, 2017
replied to Types of Bash Guards
Big fan of OneUp chain guide. Run this on all my bikes. Protects your chain/chainring and keeps the chain on.
crackerman   on Aug 14, 2017
replied to What's with the new boom box trend?
Sometime I play music from my Iphone, so it's not very loud but I can hear it fine. I usually only do this when I'm out on solo rides. If I use...
crackerman   on Apr 23, 2017
replied to Bike tie-downs?
Typically I'm just taking 1 bike, so I just lay it down under the tonneau cover of my pickup truck. If I'm hauling more bikes I built a rack out of spare...
crackerman   on Apr 15, 2017
replied to Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh?
These things look pretty cool, but hard to justify getting one unless I planned to use it a bunch. I have thought about get a truck bed tent, only about $150. This...
crackerman   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Could I get a Prius and put a roof rack on it? Sure could. It would probably get the job done. There is no best vehicle just better options than others. Love my...
crackerman   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Already been said but my Ford F150, 4 door Crue Cab sits 5 comfortable and I could put 5 bikes over the tailgate. Most of time I just travel with my trail...
Yea in a second if the prices were not so crazy. I've smashed and ripped off many derailers so yea I'd be a little worried about a $300 derailer. Don't see myself...
crackerman   on Mar 7, 2017
replied to Front & Rear Tire suggestions
maxxis minions cant go wrong
crackerman   on Mar 1, 2017
added a photo of Breakheart Hill Forest
I started going without the backpack for my quick 5-7 miles rides. I like not having it but I've blown out my rear tubeless tire and didn't have the quick tool to...
crackerman   on Feb 28, 2017
replied to Good, cheap full face helmets?
The Bell Super is fine for the full face every once in a while, but if you plan on using full face all the time, than get a DH full face helmet....
crackerman   on Feb 25, 2017
replied to Upgrades and Rides today?
Added a dropper post to the Salsa Mutluk Fatty. Love the dropper post. Makes the downhills so much better and up with the climbs.
All the stuff that's been said is good stuff: low seat, pad up, relax, not stiff, look ahead not down, start small work your way up, speed is good (too slow you'll...
crackerman   on Feb 25, 2017
added a photo
Breakheart summer weather in the winter.
Yeap def the best time to buy a bike. Crazy to pay the normal price. One of my first really good mountain bikes,  I bought at the very end of the season...
crackerman   on Jan 31, 2017
replied to Longer or Shorter Crank Arms?
Depends on what trails you ride. Fire roads are fine with 175m but I'll only run the shorter 170mm or 165mm. Here in New England, tons of rock and roots. Better to...
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