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Hilarious! So true...
https://www.trailforks.com/trails/north-willow-cr-trail-no-301-hollow-top-100407/ I love My Bomboloni's.
wyomont   on Feb 8, 2017
replied to Going smaller than a 30T chainring
Here on the Eastern slope of the Continental Divide Where climbs are steep and long, 26t is not uncommon.
Unfortunately, the "Roots" have many scars from mining activity and many of the lakes have been modified to hold more water and control it's output. In spite of this, one can still have a remote, wilderness type experience there. If you couldn't tell from my comments, that vid disturbs me deeply. There is also a…
Thanks Jeff! Please pardon my impatience.
Are you not adding my comment for fear of upsetting a potential sponsor? Is free speech and constructive criticism not allowed on this website?
Is that fresh cut trail I see in a few takes legal
No wonder Land Managers, Hikers, and Horse Owners hate us. One would think mountain biking is a reckless and destructive activity taking place on pristine public lands. Is that a newly fresh cut trail we see in a few takes? Is this where corporate greed ruins the freedom to enjoy my own back yard?
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