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G-forms are great for direct impacts. Definitely protected my elbow on a DH crash for me. But they are complete junk for sliding out and durability. One slight crash and the pads are done and you've lost some skin. Impact plus sliding out is the majority of MTB crashes. The elastic might last you a…
Technical trails that require a lot of different skills. These are usually pirate/unofficial trails.
Been doing this for more than a couple of decades and recently stopped because I can afford new bikes. The drawbacks were mainly 1) regular catastrophic failures, 2) no warranty, and 3) a questionable amount of time sourcing and repairing/modifying/retrofitting quality parts. The failures seem to always come when I was riding hard, like in…
Bryan K Sell   on Dec 5, 2016
added a review of Allegrippis Trails

This review is for people coming from outside of PA. I believe that the trail system is over rated because...
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