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Palmer Lake // Colorado

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jasonvelocity   on Aug 12, 2007
added a review of Mount Falcon Park

Trail is an out and back, or should I say up and down. The up would be worth it, but...
jasonvelocity   on Jul 29, 2007
added a review of Balanced Rock Bike Ski

https://www.balancedbike.com/ Tim will get you back on the trail fast.

Good trail if you live in the area. Here is the map of the area: https://www.douglas.co.us/openspace/documents/SpruceMtnPamphlet.pdf After the land was donated,...
jasonvelocity   on Jun 3, 2007
added 12 photos.
+ 11 others
jasonvelocity   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails

This was a great trail with tons of dangerous curves that threaten to throw you into the sticks and burned...
jasonvelocity   on Sep 23, 2005
added a review of Santa Fe Trail

I rode this trail to work every day for a summer. On an average day I encountered 3 snakes, and...
jasonvelocity   on Aug 17, 2005
added a photo
jasonvelocity   on Aug 16, 2005
added a photo
jasonvelocity   on Aug 16, 2005
added a review of Kipp's Loop

See the Douglas County site for map and info
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