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About Me

I am a rookie mountain biker kid from the Garden State, and I'm determined to advance my Mtb skills. I ride a 2011 Giant Boulder 24 hardtail. Subscribe to my YouTube at https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC4GQvpw2olgRghMI0UyNlkw
JD MTB   on Nov 26, 2016
added a review of Allaire State Park

Great trail system, good for beginners who want to advance a little bit more. Most of the trails are pretty...
JD MTB   on Nov 20, 2016
added a review of Padi's Pedal Power

Nice shop, nice staff, nice bikes. An over all great shop, a little small, but great service. I'd give it...
JD MTB   on Nov 20, 2016
added a review of Blue Trail

Ok trail, lots of sugar sand. Great spot if you live close by. Easy trail, great for beginners. If you...
JD MTB   on Nov 20, 2016
spec'd a bike: Giant Boulder
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