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Lots of ideas here, and that's pretty cool. But... RE cross-training: author states "Another way to cross-train when the trails are snowy is by picking up a road bike." Well, when the trails are snowy, pretty good chance the roads are going to be worse. Snow, salt, slush... and he wants us to ride a…
Nope. Not believing it for a second. How does someone steal 160 bikes??! They have no security cameras? That's a lot of bikes. You'd need a big container or steal them one at a time. Even so..... Nah.
Another vote for adventure. The fitness is a nice by-product, but I'm all about getting out and seeing what I can see. Good times!
This sounds like too many of my rides! "I'm sure it's just up the trail a bit here...." sigh. Glad it worked out ok!
Yup. ACL/MCL injury in July, surgery in August. Three months of PT three days a week. Slowly getting back on the bike. sigh...
roadandmud nailed it! Loading up the truck and going home is definitely the worst part about mountain biking. Well said!
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