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Why is always human nature when talking about Americans? The problem is, many Americans have a relatively poor attitude towards nature and conservation in general. Give em a mountain bike and this attitude follows. Anyone expecting to turn mountain biking mainstream can expect problems. Of course increasing bike is the industry's primary focus. It's a…
Cute. A $2800 Spec' alloy Camber comp with NX group set that any serious rider will want to replace. REI is A great place to buy. But no incredible deal here.
Boost.. Just another way to liberate you from your money. Geez, bikes are getting more and more like smartphones and razors.. I hear Nike's got a new shoe that ties itself with a phone app. Trouble is, it costs 400 bucks and doesn't work. Haha ha Cant wait until this new technology makes it down…
Mountsin bike socks = Walmart
You're never too old to break your neck. Best to think about it before it happens.
Honda 500. The problem with ebike is simple. They are easily modified (look on youtube). And the tech is changing so fast that in a few years they will have the power to weight ratio of ...(see above). Best not to open pandora box.
Best skill to learn.. Learn how to not get hurt.
A lot o insight here. Whenever I ride the geared full squish, I'm often amazed at the tech and precision I've got under me. Is it really better? I guess it is if speeds your thing. Although we've come a long way I still like the feel of an old school rigid SS. Clearly, progress…
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