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That is one of those trails that I wouldn't want to ride being clipped in.
Downhill Mike   2 days ago
updated Mont Ste-Marie/Velo MSM conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   4 days ago
updated Vallee Bras Du Nord Secteur Shannahan conditions to Good

I would say the best trails in the world. Two Neilson loops must be done if you are ok with...
Back in those days everyone was doping in road so what Lance did was kind of fair. All riders in the top 20 were doping in the 90's. I know people who used to race at those levels and that is what I was told. So let's not point fingers at Lance he is not…
Downhill Mike   6 days ago
updated Vallee Bras du Nord Secteur St-Raymond conditions to Good

Awesome Enduro and XC trails. There is a big variety of trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. All of...
Downhill Mike   1 week ago
added a photo of Velo Fortune
Downhill Mike   1 week ago
added a review of Velo Fortune

Great technical place. I came to do Enduro runs and had a good time. It takes about 30-40 minutes to...
Downhill Mike   1 week ago
updated Velo Fortune conditions to
Good points!
Downhill Mike   on Jul 21, 2018
updated Don Valley conditions to Good
Look into IXS Flow knee pads. They are very pedal friendly and give you good protection. G form also give you good protection from impacts but if you crash and end up sliding...
Downhill Mike   on Jul 15, 2018
updated Mont Bromont conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Jul 14, 2018
updated Mont Sutton Ski Resort conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Jul 14, 2018
added a review of Mont Sutton Ski Resort

This is fun little place. They started doing Cross Country and Enduro trails only two years ago from my understanding...
Go kayaking
Downhill Mike   on Jul 9, 2018
replied to Motocross or MTB
<p style="text-align: left;">It looks like a modern downhill bike. If it had an engine then it could have been a dirt bike or a motocross bike whatever name you wish to use...
Downhill Mike   on Jun 29, 2018
added a review of Ganaraska Forest

Used to be a great place to ride but went downhill in the recent years. Zero maintainance from the stuff...
Downhill Mike   on Jun 10, 2018
updated Blue Mountain conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to Another Fuggin' Trek?!?!?
I started mixing it up like you now. Now if Salsa is  sold out that means that they are doing just fine for now without your support so maybe look for another...
Downhill Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to Thoracic outlet syndrome anyone?
Wish you a fast recovery. I am dealing with bruised ribs and sore back right now so I can imagine how you feel. Every root and rock you can just feel with...
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Downhill Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to Does anyone bring a weapon?
I live in Canada so we can't carry but I always bring my dog spray or a hunting knife. Came pretty close with a cougar in the spring but it was calm...
If somebody is well off then why not. A kid gets to be a kid only once so why not make him or her happy. They will remember riding a nice bike and the rest of the good memories that come with it their whole life. Why have kids if you don't want them to…
Downhill Mike   on May 27, 2018
replied to Carbon Bars Scored: Replace?
I would replace them. No need to take chances with safety.
Downhill Mike   on May 23, 2018
replied to Tubeless?
More supple is a right word. Regarding traction you can run lower pressure so you will have more traction for sure.
Downhill Mike   on May 22, 2018
replied to Trail or Enduro bike?
<p style="text-align: left;">If you are planning to do long climbs and you are not plannig on doing big jumps and riding super gnarly trails then in my opinion between 120-140 of travel...
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Downhill Mike   on May 23, 2018
replied to Tubeless?
Once I converted to tubeless a few years ago my wheels got less bouncy. Part of it was that I was able to run lower pressure.
Downhill Mike   on May 22, 2018
commented on Mountain Bikers Attacked by Dogs
Get chased on road- gravel rides all the time. So far they only try to get me on the downhills or straight away and failed miserably. I hope they don't go after me on the climbs or I will have to use my dog spray on them.
I am sure even a dog spray would work on a mountain lion as long as you get it in its face. I usually ride with a knife, bear spray or a dog spray depending on a ride I am doing.
Downhill Mike   on May 15, 2018
replied to Average speed
Usually 15 km in hour is considered good speed for XC. I did a race last year and averaged 15.2 in a 30km race and came second. Mind you it was an...
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