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Downhill Mike   3 weeks ago
commented on Gear Picks: Mountain Bike Bling
I think gold looking parts on the mountain bike would look silly. It's like when I see a jeep on a fancy rims, looking all fancy like a low rider to me it looks funny. They both meant to get dirty and muddy so not sure if gold is a way to go.
Downhill Mike   3 weeks ago
replied to Mountain bike to Gravel bike?
I have a dedicated gravel bike for gravel grinding. I ride Salsa Warbird and I am very happy with it.I put wider 42 more aggressive tires on it and it was enough...
Would it work for winter fat bike rides and keep my water from Freezing?Most likely not in the minus twenty ride?
That gravel fork looks like a good idea but those who will need that kind of fork would want to run gravel tires that are bigger then 40c. They should make the fork to fit at least 45 tires.
It's the chances we take but insurance will usually deal with stuff like that.
Downhill Mike   on Sep 12, 2018
replied to Chest Protector
I would recommend G Forme shirt . I own one of those and it does a pretty good job.
Downhill Mike   on Sep 9, 2018
updated Vallee Bras du Nord Secteur St-Raymond conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Sep 4, 2018
replied to Minimum Ride?
Excacly. Ride time longer then drive time.
Hope he gets healthy and has a long life ahead of him!
For XC rides in Ontario it's just a big water bottle on my frame and tools in my jersey. For big rides in Quebec Canada I always bring my Mule Camelback. Great...
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Downhill Mike   on Aug 30, 2018
replied to Advice please
Thank God it was a joke.
Not sure if I like the idea of adjusting the rack with a hex key to fit different wheels sizes. I would have to contantly deal with that because I have a few bikes with different wheel sizes. With my Thule rack even with older model racks it was always easy to fit 27,29 and…
Try lowering your handlebars by one spacer and see how it feels. It should help the front wheel to have a better traction on the climbs
That is one of those trails that I wouldn't want to ride being clipped in.
Downhill Mike   on Aug 15, 2018
updated Mont Ste-Marie/Velo MSM conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Aug 13, 2018
updated Vallee Bras Du Nord Secteur Shannahan conditions to Good

I would say the best trails in the world. Two Neilson loops must be done if you are ok with...
Back in those days everyone was doping in road so what Lance did was kind of fair. All riders in the top 20 were doping in the 90's. I know people who used to race at those levels and that is what I was told. So let's not point fingers at Lance he is not…
Downhill Mike   on Aug 12, 2018
updated Vallee Bras du Nord Secteur St-Raymond conditions to Good

Awesome Enduro and XC trails. There is a big variety of trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. All of...
Downhill Mike   on Aug 5, 2018
added a photo of Velo Fortune
Downhill Mike   on Aug 5, 2018
added a review of Velo Fortune

Great technical place. I came to do Enduro runs and had a good time. It takes about 30-40 minutes to...
Downhill Mike   on Aug 5, 2018
updated Velo Fortune conditions to
Good points!
Downhill Mike   on Jul 21, 2018
updated Don Valley conditions to Good
Look into IXS Flow knee pads. They are very pedal friendly and give you good protection. G form also give you good protection from impacts but if you crash and end up sliding...
Downhill Mike   on Jul 15, 2018
updated Mont Bromont conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Jul 14, 2018
updated Mont Sutton Ski Resort conditions to Good
Downhill Mike   on Jul 14, 2018
added a review of Mont Sutton Ski Resort

This is fun little place. They started doing Cross Country and Enduro trails only two years ago from my understanding...
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