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As an older mountain biker, I no longer have the physical ability that is needed for technical trails, not counting that it takes a lot longer to recover from crashes. Flow trails allow me to ride at my pace without worrying about getting hurt unless I let my thrill seeking ego go for it. Flow…
thom248   on Feb 1, 2018
commented on Why I Quit Mountain Biking
While I understand the point of the article, if the dedication is there, perhaps goals and objectives need to be re-examined. My daughter grow up riding the back of a mt tandem with my wife and I. Did we need to do the rad jumps, speed down flow trails. No, it was about doing what…
Am totally amazed Western in Bellingham, WA did not make the top ten. Haven ridden several of the areas mentioned, the local trails from the campus are every bit as good as many mentioned. An added plus, in Whistler less than a couple hours to the north.
Too close to 66. Can still push 180 bpm. Ride constantly at 160 bpm. Heart rate charts are way off for most athletes.
Most of my riding partners are 60+, with me being the oldest , getting too close to 66. We strive constantly to get better. I started mt biking (came from a racing road background) when the sport was still in the no suspension era. The only thing that slows me down is that I have…
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