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New to the sport, got a mid/low range dual suspension, shimano. I like in MTB territory, no need to pack up the bike, just head out the back door.
In October, there is a 33 mile race I want to do.  Starts out at 4900' goes up to 7400', then down to 4000' in a small town.  It's the Silver Peak...
Charles Wood   on Feb 14, 2017
replied to Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?
I bought the FSX 27.5 "Gravity" full suspension model in August.  ($449 USD) I've got about 400 miles on it so far, this is what's broke: 1. Headset is shot, need a new one....
Charles Wood   on Jan 17, 2017
replied to Tubeless
I used two little bottles of the sealant I got a bike shop when I was on a riding trip. It looks like it is holding air this morning.   I'll have to...
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Charles Wood   on Jan 17, 2017
replied to Tubeless
I did get it to 50, then put in the valve stem.  Then I pumped it back to 50 psi with track pump and bounced it around, lay on box, like the...
Yes, I have.  I ordered a new derailleur for an old MTB.  It was shipped quickly, the staff even helped me (on the phone) figure out which one to buy for a...
Charles Wood   on Jan 17, 2017
started a topic: Tubeless
I took my 27.5 WTB wolverines and attempted tubeless on them today.  Used some stuff from a LBS and put Gorilla Tape (TM) over the rim.  I hit it with an air...
How bad do you want it was good. I have some goals for next year, and I need to keep up the training during winter, but oh my is it cold out there....
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